Will Mitchell, Starting an Importing Empire, & Tax Time – ES 042

will-mitchell Tax Time! It’s the most wonderful time of the year isn’t it? Maybe not…..Still, you got to pay your dues to IRS and Dan, our CPA, has some tips on MAXIMIZING your deductions this season.  Our fellow-Texan friend Carrie Smith provided the inspiration for this with her article on enjoying your taxes (because you may get some back!)

Round 2 brings up the topic about drop shipping and importing.  Is there a difference?  Will Mitchell thinks so, but Joe’s having a hard time wrapping his head around it.  Will he figure it out?

In the Main Event, Will Mitchell hits us up to give his thoughts on the importing business.  He discusses his strategies and how you could find the right product to start selling.  He’s just a kid but has a wealth of knowledge and can help you start off your business without needing an idea.

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  • What can you deduct on your taxes for your online business? Are you even allowed?
  • What taxes will you have for being a freelancer? Dan’s a CPA and can tell you!
  •  Will tells you if Importing can still make you as much money as it used to.
  • Learn the margins of importing vs. drop shipping, it might surprise you.
  • Should you build a product instead of importing?
  • Get your Foot in the Door of the next big Startup.
  • The Power of the Logo.

BONUS:  Hear Will Mitchell, the whiz kid, tell his story on the Outta the Box show. Inspire your kids!

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