Viveka Von Rosen, Staying Sane in High Pressure, and the Elusive LinkedIn – ES 017

viveka-von-rosenStress in high pressure situations can bring the most resilient entrepreneur to his knees. However we have 10 Tips to Help Stay Sane, and you’ll be shocked to hear what Joe’s #1 is! Joe is a lover, and he is not afraid to tell the world!

Then we get into the topic of LinkedIn. It is the least popular of the big three social networking sites, but is that for good reason? Joe and Dan have thoughts of their own, and also get into some burning questions that have about the usefulness and functionality of LinkedIn.

Then in the Main Event, we bring on just the person to answer those questions: Viveka Von Rosen. Viveka is known as the LinkedIn Expert, and she certainly is a wealth of knowledge! But if you’re looking for one of those boring “optimizing your profile” interviews, look somewhere else! Viveka will tell you how your business can leverage LinkedIn TODAY to produce better results, optimize your site for SEO, and even drive more traffic to your main website!

BONUS: Check out Viveka Von Rosen’s FAVORITE LinkedIn group, and it isn’t even hers!

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Stay Sane in High Pressure Situations
Viveka Von Rosen Online
LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day
Linked Prospecting
Best LinkedIn Groups

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Author: Dan Franks

Dan Franks is a full time CPA, and moonlights as a podcaster, blogger, and professional wrestler. He considers himself an all around good guy!

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