Treat Your Next Speaking Presentation like a Shark Tank Pitch

speaking presentationWhen you think “Great speaking presentation”, you think of your favorite speaker or talk show host. When you just hear “presentation”, you automatically think of boring slideshows and napping during said presentation. For your next presentation, whether at a conference, meetup, class, or for your job, what kind of strategy do you think would be most effective? How about:

  1. “We need cool pictures, people like pictures.”
  2. A sweet Title sucks people in, we need a cool title.”
  3. “We need a well-crafted script, let’s write a cool script. How about a joke?”

Those are great presentation tips…..Yeah right, these are the worst tips floating out there. It’s missing some key themes that you can find right on Shark Tank, the entrepreneur show.

Make them Care

Before you enter the Shark Tank, you need to know who you’ll be pitching too and cater to those sharks.

In the same way, MOST people prepare for presentations focusing solely on the research of the topic.

This is 100% WRONG.

Much of your research needs to focus on WHO you’ll be presenting too. You need to make the topic relevant to them.

In our recent talk at Podcamp Dallas, we focused on the topic of co-hosting. Now we could have spent hours researching the benefits of co-hosting and put them in a nice slideshow.

Instead, we focused our efforts on Making Them Give a Crap.

When preparing, think about:

  1. WHO? Is my audience
  2. WHY? Should they care and, if they don’t, how can i make them care even if it doesn’t necessarily relate to them.
  3. WHAT?  Are there preconceived notions on the topic?

Notice there isn’t anything in there about the topic and it’s facts, but the presentation is instead built around the audience.

Think about it from the audience perspective, what kind of presentation would that audience member want?

You’re Selling your Answers

A Shark invests money and time with companies that solve a profitable problem and/or demonstrate innovation.

Especially if the audience isn’t interested in your topic, your job is to position the problem elaborated in the presentation as more important than it might be.

Listeners want time to be well-spent so you are literally pitching yourself and ideas to get listeners to become fans of your cause.

Think of the potential problems your information and/or ideas might be solving. Now, frame in your listeners head the consequences of not solving the problem. Present your Ideas and show how you are the key contributor to solving the problem.

Position Yourself as an Expert

You gain immense notoriety just from being onstage. No matter how small the stage is.

Entrepreneurs gain instant credibility for getting to pitch to the sharks in the tank. As a bonus, they look cool by association as they get to hang with billionaires.

Having an audience that already admires you gives you the chance to leverage your stance as an expert.

Provide key stats in your area of expertise, give tips for those in the same industry, give testimony of your past success, etc. Doing all this makes those in the audience think you’re an expert.  You may not be an expert! But being on stage speaking about the topic automatically gives you credibility.

Furthermore, people in the audience will WANT to talk to you afterward, so show them you have the brains for the industry to build connections down the line. Meaning, when they come up to you after your talk, chat more in depth with each person, maybe share an added tip that wasn’t in the presentation.  You’ll further build your credibility and notoriety.

Use Humor

Sweet Lord, whether paper or electronic, listeners respond best with some humor.

Humor wakes the nappers’ from the front row. Humor loosens up an audience and brings in laughter, which is the nectar of the Gods when you’re on stage. I give better presentations when the audience is laughing and having a good time and I’m sure you will too.

Don’t script many jokes, let them happen.but you should also have some in your back pocket. Jokes will change with the audience (you’re not a stand-up comedian who has the same presentation each time).

If a pitch on Shark Tank is boring, you’ll see the interest creep from their eyes.  If it’s exciting, even if it’s a terrible product, the Sharks will enjoy themselves and sometimes even consider throwing their hat into the ring.

Cut loose, test some jokes on friends and see what sticks! Never underestimate the power of HUMOR!

Have you learned presentation skills from Shark Tank? What’s your best tip? COMMENT BELOW AND LET US KNOW!

Author: Joe Cassandra

Find your adventure enthusiast! Love toying with new ideas. Build your network = Building your lifestyle. Podcaster.

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