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tom-morkesWe have a special round 1 today! We discuss Dan’s recent project, Podcast Movement, which recently made over 5 figures in 48 hours! You’ll need to hear about this and how to validate your new idea and why it’s important with real life results, not some theory BS.

For Round 2, we discuss Tom Morkes’ recent article on how he enlisted the help of many A-Listers for his recent project.  Is it that important to have big names back your project? Are there specific tactics you should be doing? Joe has a problem with one of Tom’s tactics that he’ll need to challenge that point in the Main Event!

Tom Morkes lands in the Main Event from his exotic abode in Indonesia.  But it’s not all pina colada’s, he’s trying to get his publishing company off the ground, but he has some great tactics for increasing sales and your confidence in this chat.

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  • Why validation is important and how Dan validated his recent idea.
  • Become a better copywriter INSTANTLY with this one tip Dan used that propelled sales.
  • How Tom harnessed his previous relationships to start his publishing company, Insurgent Publishing, with a bang with ZERO experience.
  • His Sales Tactics with using the correct verbiage that will automatically increase your sales.
  • Tom uses the word “Journal” instead of an e-book, it increases sales!
  • Building your own internal confidence
  • Using a donation based model is actually tested to be the best way to increase revenue.

BONUS:  Tom Morkes dives into his background including going deeper in his “pay what you want ” model with our friend and past guest, Natalie Sisson, over at the Suitcase Entrepreneur.

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How Tom Morkes Enlisted the help of A-Listers
David Hutcherson w/ Tom Morkes (thanks David!)
Insurgent Publishing

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