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The Sophomore Slump – 7 Experts Help You Win!

sophomore-slumpThe sophomore slump is a phenomenon that cannot really be explained, but transcends cultures and industries. In the UK it is referred to as the “second year blues,” and Australians call it “second year syndrome.” The term is used to describe students’ second year performance in schools, bands releasing their second album, sequel movies, and yes, athletics.  Right RG3?

One place that we do not often see this term being used, but where I think it belongs, is in the online entrepreneurship space. How many blogs, podcasts, and coaching programs have you seen come out of the gate strong, but then fade into the night like a shooting star, never to be seen or heard from again?

Yaro Starak, the Art of Belief, and Storytelling for Profits – ES 020

yaro-starakEveryone loves a good story (HINT: Especially customers and consumers), but what kind of story should your business tell? It’s a tricky and dense subject that Joe and Dan dig into in this week’s Round 1.  How has storytelling developed, and how should you develop your story?

In Round 2, Yaro Starak is the focus with his recent post on reaching goals. He preaches that belief is the key to unlocking your success, but Dan and Joe are actually confused by this post! They know that it is an important concept, though, and will need Yaro to untangle it in the Main Event.

In the Main Event, Yaro Starak takes on visualization and what could be a pitfall of it.  Of course Yaro brings more than expected, and turns the tables on Dan and Joe on their own positive or negative mindset. Oh, and ladies, you don’t want to miss the Aussie’s dating status!

David Wood, Connecting with Busy People, and Cures for Unhappiness – ES 018

david-woodRound 1 has Joe and Dan discussing how to connect with busy people from an article by Steve Blank on his site.  Steve doesn’t like “picking brains”, have you used that line?  How about the dreaded and feared “cup of coffee” line?  We also hear about Joe’s most embarrassing pitch with a co-founder of a top social media company.

David Wood’s recent podcast episode, 12 Common Causes and Cures for Unhappiness, is the focal point for Round 2. Dan and Joe discuss which of the 12 they find most common and they struggle with.  Which one affects you the most?  Check it out!

Then we bring on the exciting David Wood for the Main Event to get his mindset advice to reprogram yourself to happiness.  David’s a master in formulating the mindset to success that will change your own thought process.  Hear how to get unstuck, conquer fear, importance of generosity, and hear how David ended up front and center at a wedding in a loin clothe.  You don’t want to miss this! This episode is hilarious!

Srinivas Rao, Steps to Avoid the Wrong Path, and Breaking Up a Partnership – ES 006

srinivas rao

We tackle, in Round 1, Scott Dinsmore’s 6 Steps to Ensure You Don’t Pick the Wrong Path . Should you start off doing what you love in little pieces, or go all in? Joe and Dan will dig into those topics and more.

Then in Round 2, we introduce you to Srinivas Rao, the host and Co-founder of BlogcastFM, as he goes through the experience of his partner, David, leaving the show.  Was there more to the story than what they talked about in David’s last episode?

We bring on Srinivas in the Main Event to discuss partnerships, replacing teammates, the creative process, and tons more! How should you go about finding a partner? What do you do when you hit a creative wall? Srinivas Rao will help you out!

Tim Paige, Fastlane Entrepreneurship, and Breaking Free of Tough Times – ES 005

tim paige

In Round 1, we discuss Eventual Millionaire’s interview with MJ Demarco, the multi-millionaire business owner and author. We debate pleasing the market, or following our passion with our ideas. Which side are you on?

Round 2 sees Dan and Joe debate Tim Paige’s episode of the Awesome Podcast discussing the topic of striving through rough times in your business.  How do you choose which path you should take? What about planning for worst case scenarios?

We then bring in Tim Paige for the Main Event, and hear what type of people you should be hanging with to thrive in early times, to set yourself up for the best chances of success.  We also learn how to figure out who your REAL customers are.  Finally, Tim will tell you how to take calculated risks before taking the leap. Check it out!

Justin Cooke, Who Needs College, and Entrepreneur Roller Coasters – ES 002

justin cooke

With young entrepreneurs making millions each year, the hot question remains : Do you need college to be an entrepreneur? Find out what we think so you can decide for yourself!

In Round 2, Dan and Joe discuss a recent podcast from the Empire Flippers, where Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti talk about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.  We debate Justin’s views, and also discuss some of our ups and downs.

The Main Event brings Justin Cooke into the ring to expand on how he deals with the roller coaster of entrepreneurship, and what you can do when there are ups, and when there’s downs. There will be low points for everyone, so learn how to prepare and deal with them now! He also reveals a huge regret you don’t want to miss…