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ES Presents: Scott Osburn of Highland Concerts

Scott-OsburnYou’ve surely heard it by now, the body thumping beats of the EDM movement.  And if you live anywhere close to Dallas, TX, there’s a good chance the group responsible is Highland Concerts!

Lead by Scott Osburn, 1/2 of the founding duo who founded Highland Concerts in 2008 and are the masterminds behind the Lights All Night music festival.  Lights All Night is known around the world as one of the premier electronic dance music events, drawing tens of thousands people from all over for it’s multi-day events every December.

Even more exciting for Scott Osburn, though, is the fact that this year they will be expanding internationally, as they introduce Mexico City to the Lights All Night phenomenon!


Lights All Night recently announced the lineup for their Dallas events this December, and they will feature Deadmau5 and Kaskade, two of the biggest names in the EDM universe!  This is huge news for Scott and the LAN team, and since it was not announced yet at the time of recording, we wanted to make sure you all knew!  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

ES Presents: Amanda Pekoe of The Pekoe Group

amanda-pekoeWe are super pumped to be debuting the new Entrepreneur Showdown: Presents series, and even more pumped that it’s October because October is Entertainment Entrepreneur Month!

Today we are super excited to be sharing with you our visit with Amanda Pekoe of the Pekoe Group.

Amanda is a former Broadway and Off-Broadway performer and producer who discovered her true calling, which was the business side of show business.  She made the leap into marketing and advertising the same shows she once was a part of, and has never looked back!

The Pekoe Group has absolutely NAILED their online presence, as we discuss in the interview.  We have never seen anyone dominate the Google ranks like Amanda and her group do!  We find out how she’s accomplished this, but more importantly what she does for her clients that sets her apart from other people in her space.

Greg Ciotti, Unique Selling Propositions, and Cutting Expenses – ES 025

greg-ciottiIt’s personal finance time on the Showdown.  Here, Joe and Dan discuss cutting expenses like an Entrepreneur, and give some juicy tips on negotiating.  Find out Dan’s tips on getting added bonuses when you travel.

In Round 2, we all know how daunting a task it is to dive into a business arena full of competition.  We will dive ourselves into Greg Ciotti’s recent article on standing out in a sea of competition.   How does Abercrombie and Fitch tie into this?  You’ll have to listen to find out!

You know what we do for the Main Event, bring on our guest Greg Ciotti to go deeper on how your business or blog can stand out i.e. Building your Unique Selling Proposition.  Greg will give you tips on that with real-world examples.  He’s also making some big transitions and you can get in on the ground floor.  As a bonus, Greg tells you why social media is WAY overhyped!

Jake Hower, Social Media Marketing, and Forced Entrepreneurship – ES 021

jake-howerWhat if everyone around you doesn’t get the “Entrepreneur” craze? Should you shove this stuff down their throat? Joe and Dan discuss this as well as what it means for each person to be an entrepreneur.

In Round 2, Dan and Joe talk about Jake Hower’s recent interview with Justin Brooks.  What should you be doing, organic traffic or paid traffic? What kind of quality can you expect from it and learn from Dan and Joe’s personal experience with both! How good is Facebook advertising, what do you think?  Joe and Dan have their own thoughts, but they’re no experts so they decided to bring one on!

We bring on Jake Hower to get his take on it as he’s a social media Australian macho man.  Learn the different tactics Jake uses with different social media mediums.  You don’t want to miss these marketing ninja tricks!

Viveka Von Rosen, Staying Sane in High Pressure, and the Elusive LinkedIn – ES 017

viveka-von-rosenStress in high pressure situations can bring the most resilient entrepreneur to his knees. However we have 10 Tips to Help Stay Sane, and you’ll be shocked to hear what Joe’s #1 is! Joe is a lover, and he is not afraid to tell the world!

Then we get into the topic of LinkedIn. It is the least popular of the big three social networking sites, but is that for good reason? Joe and Dan have thoughts of their own, and also get into some burning questions that have about the usefulness and functionality of LinkedIn.

Then in the Main Event, we bring on just the person to answer those questions: Viveka Von Rosen. Viveka is known as the LinkedIn Expert, and she certainly is a wealth of knowledge! But if you’re looking for one of those boring “optimizing your profile” interviews, look somewhere else! Viveka will tell you how your business can leverage LinkedIn TODAY to produce better results, optimize your site for SEO, and even drive more traffic to your main website!

Michael Stelzner, How Not to Pitch Yourself, and Building Your Platform – ES 013

michael-stelznerWhenever you want to sell your product or yourself, you need to Pitch Yourself.  Well, in Round 1, we discuss Ashley Ambridge’s article, How NOT to Pitch Yourself.  How can you provide value in your pitch?

Round 2 finds Joe and Dan debating Michael Stelzner’s, from the Social Media Marketing Podcast, recent interview discussing monetization strategies, and arguing which comes first: the Audience or the Product…..

We bring Michael in for the Main Event to get his take on how he monetizes, the dangers of affiliate marketing, and why you SHOULD start a blog even with the millions out there and how you can stand out. We also discuss his new venture, My Kids Adventures, and the tips he uses that you can use to start a fresh new venture! Don’t miss it!