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ES Presents: Scott Osburn of Highland Concerts

Scott-OsburnYou’ve surely heard it by now, the body thumping beats of the EDM movement.  And if you live anywhere close to Dallas, TX, there’s a good chance the group responsible is Highland Concerts!

Lead by Scott Osburn, 1/2 of the founding duo who founded Highland Concerts in 2008 and are the masterminds behind the Lights All Night music festival.  Lights All Night is known around the world as one of the premier electronic dance music events, drawing tens of thousands people from all over for it’s multi-day events every December.

Even more exciting for Scott Osburn, though, is the fact that this year they will be expanding internationally, as they introduce Mexico City to the Lights All Night phenomenon!


Lights All Night recently announced the lineup for their Dallas events this December, and they will feature Deadmau5 and Kaskade, two of the biggest names in the EDM universe!  This is huge news for Scott and the LAN team, and since it was not announced yet at the time of recording, we wanted to make sure you all knew!  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Tim Conley, CEO Double Duty, and Breaking Out of Comfort Zones – ES 023

tim-conleyIt’s fun to say that you’re the CEO of something, but what about all the other small stuff? Let’s start wearing some different hats, and that’s what Joe and Dan dig into for Round 1. There’s always work going on in the background, it’s not all glamour, sometimes you could be the janitor!

Round 2 has Dan and Joe revealing some of the ways they try and break out of their comfort zone based on Tim Conley’s recent podcast episode on Foolish Adventure. Dan admits to being an introvert around strangers. If you’ve ever heard one of his long winded questions to our guests, you might sound the B.S. alarm. Let’s see if he can talk his way out of this one!

And you know it’s coming, Tim Conley’s on the Main Event to tackle your FEARS. What are Tim’s Triple D’s he likes (not those, sicko)! Also learn about what the “Black box” is in business.  Who should have one? Do you have one? You’re gonna need to find out! Finally, we all have our queasy moments outside our comfort zone, but Tim can help you out with those.  You can only benefit from going out of your CZone. Also find out the best way to seek revenge on someone who takes advantage of your kindness. Don’t miss what Tim says you should do!

Michael Stelzner, How Not to Pitch Yourself, and Building Your Platform – ES 013

michael-stelznerWhenever you want to sell your product or yourself, you need to Pitch Yourself.  Well, in Round 1, we discuss Ashley Ambridge’s article, How NOT to Pitch Yourself.  How can you provide value in your pitch?

Round 2 finds Joe and Dan debating Michael Stelzner’s, from the Social Media Marketing Podcast, recent interview discussing monetization strategies, and arguing which comes first: the Audience or the Product…..

We bring Michael in for the Main Event to get his take on how he monetizes, the dangers of affiliate marketing, and why you SHOULD start a blog even with the millions out there and how you can stand out. We also discuss his new venture, My Kids Adventures, and the tips he uses that you can use to start a fresh new venture! Don’t miss it!

Joey Kissimmee, What Not to Do, and Entrepreneurial Girl Power – ES 004

joey kissimmee

We go head to head to tackle a recent article by the polarizing Ms. Penelope Trunk.  She says that you need to make mistakes after graduation. Yes, make mistakes! And better yet, she is even willing to tell you what those mistakes are. Listen to figure out what we mean.

Then  we discuss what makes women different from men when it comes to entrepreneurship, and discuss if the might even have an unfair advantage!

And in the main event, we bring in Income Press’, Joey Kissimmee to talk about his recent series on entrepreneurial “Girl Power.” Are women better than men? You’ll be surprised by Joey’s answer and the advantages women have over men. This is a touchy but important topic, and with Dan and Joe being men, they are ready to defend the male sex.