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Content Creation That Lasts – If You Build It, They Will Come


Joe and I have recently had the privilege of being invited on as guests on a few other podcasts, and have had a blast being on the other side of the microphone!  While we make no claims to be experts by any means, we do feel like we, as guests, can provide some valuable insights to a certain audience.  One of the most recent podcasts we were interviewed for really got me thinking about the various paths people take, and why I feel we made the right decision in the path we took.

Tim Conley, CEO Double Duty, and Breaking Out of Comfort Zones – ES 023

tim-conleyIt’s fun to say that you’re the CEO of something, but what about all the other small stuff? Let’s start wearing some different hats, and that’s what Joe and Dan dig into for Round 1. There’s always work going on in the background, it’s not all glamour, sometimes you could be the janitor!

Round 2 has Dan and Joe revealing some of the ways they try and break out of their comfort zone based on Tim Conley’s recent podcast episode on Foolish Adventure. Dan admits to being an introvert around strangers. If you’ve ever heard one of his long winded questions to our guests, you might sound the B.S. alarm. Let’s see if he can talk his way out of this one!

And you know it’s coming, Tim Conley’s on the Main Event to tackle your FEARS. What are Tim’s Triple D’s he likes (not those, sicko)! Also learn about what the “Black box” is in business.  Who should have one? Do you have one? You’re gonna need to find out! Finally, we all have our queasy moments outside our comfort zone, but Tim can help you out with those.  You can only benefit from going out of your CZone. Also find out the best way to seek revenge on someone who takes advantage of your kindness. Don’t miss what Tim says you should do!

Yaro Starak, the Art of Belief, and Storytelling for Profits – ES 020

yaro-starakEveryone loves a good story (HINT: Especially customers and consumers), but what kind of story should your business tell? It’s a tricky and dense subject that Joe and Dan dig into in this week’s Round 1.  How has storytelling developed, and how should you develop your story?

In Round 2, Yaro Starak is the focus with his recent post on reaching goals. He preaches that belief is the key to unlocking your success, but Dan and Joe are actually confused by this post! They know that it is an important concept, though, and will need Yaro to untangle it in the Main Event.

In the Main Event, Yaro Starak takes on visualization and what could be a pitfall of it.  Of course Yaro brings more than expected, and turns the tables on Dan and Joe on their own positive or negative mindset. Oh, and ladies, you don’t want to miss the Aussie’s dating status!

Chris Ducker, Blogging for Fun or Business, and Just Saying No – ES 019

chris-duckerAre you too agreeable when you negotiate? Dan and Joe discuss why saying “No” will help you in the long run when you negotiate!  What mindset should you have going into a negotiation? You might be surprised with some of their revelations!

In Round 2, we discuss Chris Ducker’s recent post, “Think Like a Business Owner First and a Blogger Second.” We come up with a few examples of top entrepreneurs that defy this, so we will need to ask Chris about the exceptions!

Finally, Chris Ducker is center stage for the Main Event to discuss his mindset when producing content.  What mindset do you have? Chris is also a master when it comes to hosting and participating in masterminds, and we hear the benefits and sometimes pitfalls of them straight from the horse’s mouth.  Chris also threatens “to go Jason Statham” on Joe, so tune in to find out why!

David Wood, Connecting with Busy People, and Cures for Unhappiness – ES 018

david-woodRound 1 has Joe and Dan discussing how to connect with busy people from an article by Steve Blank on his site.  Steve doesn’t like “picking brains”, have you used that line?  How about the dreaded and feared “cup of coffee” line?  We also hear about Joe’s most embarrassing pitch with a co-founder of a top social media company.

David Wood’s recent podcast episode, 12 Common Causes and Cures for Unhappiness, is the focal point for Round 2. Dan and Joe discuss which of the 12 they find most common and they struggle with.  Which one affects you the most?  Check it out!

Then we bring on the exciting David Wood for the Main Event to get his mindset advice to reprogram yourself to happiness.  David’s a master in formulating the mindset to success that will change your own thought process.  Hear how to get unstuck, conquer fear, importance of generosity, and hear how David ended up front and center at a wedding in a loin clothe.  You don’t want to miss this! This episode is hilarious!