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ES Presents: Scott Osburn of Highland Concerts

Scott-OsburnYou’ve surely heard it by now, the body thumping beats of the EDM movement.  And if you live anywhere close to Dallas, TX, there’s a good chance the group responsible is Highland Concerts!

Lead by Scott Osburn, 1/2 of the founding duo who founded Highland Concerts in 2008 and are the masterminds behind the Lights All Night music festival.  Lights All Night is known around the world as one of the premier electronic dance music events, drawing tens of thousands people from all over for it’s multi-day events every December.

Even more exciting for Scott Osburn, though, is the fact that this year they will be expanding internationally, as they introduce Mexico City to the Lights All Night phenomenon!


Lights All Night recently announced the lineup for their Dallas events this December, and they will feature Deadmau5 and Kaskade, two of the biggest names in the EDM universe!  This is huge news for Scott and the LAN team, and since it was not announced yet at the time of recording, we wanted to make sure you all knew!  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Billy Murphy, the Art of Being Interesting, and E-Commerce Excellence – ES 024

billy-murphyWhat is the key to being Interesting? With online content, it’s easy to get a little bit too serious.  In this Round 1, Joe and Dan let you know how you can become more exciting and enticing! Guess what, you can be wrong and be interesting, check it!

Dan and Joe dive into our friend, Billy Murphy’s, new venture over at Forever Jobless.  He started EcomLab to help others learn how to start drop-shipping sites.  We admit, we’re not sure what this e-commerce business is all about, so we don’t waste much time and get right to the Main Event!

Billy Murphy drops into the Main Event to answer what an e-commerce store is, and explains that it’s a lot easier than you think and YOU need to try it!  Billy walks through what you need to do right away with finding the right niche, suppliers, and how quickly you can set up your store.  One of our most tactical interviews to date!

Jake Hower, Social Media Marketing, and Forced Entrepreneurship – ES 021

jake-howerWhat if everyone around you doesn’t get the “Entrepreneur” craze? Should you shove this stuff down their throat? Joe and Dan discuss this as well as what it means for each person to be an entrepreneur.

In Round 2, Dan and Joe talk about Jake Hower’s recent interview with Justin Brooks.  What should you be doing, organic traffic or paid traffic? What kind of quality can you expect from it and learn from Dan and Joe’s personal experience with both! How good is Facebook advertising, what do you think?  Joe and Dan have their own thoughts, but they’re no experts so they decided to bring one on!

We bring on Jake Hower to get his take on it as he’s a social media Australian macho man.  Learn the different tactics Jake uses with different social media mediums.  You don’t want to miss these marketing ninja tricks!

Dan Miller, Dangers in Deadlines, and Entrepreneurial Family Matters – ES 015


Often times we find ourselves in a situation where we have the opportunity to extend deadlines that we are working towards. Are there any benefits in extending deadlines? More importantly, what are the drawbacks to doing it and how do we maximize our productivity? Dan and Joe can’t agree on all of it, but learn their tips on meeting deadlines in your work!

Then in Round 2, we look at Dan Miller’s recent article on whether men should be the providers of the family, or if the new age has brought a time where men and women can play equal roles in the family. This is a topic that is sure to polarize all who listen, and we know that the independent women are sure to have something to say about it!

Finally, in the much anticipated Main Event, we bring on the great Dan Miller to dig more into his polarizing view. Dan sides VERY strongly one direction on the male’s role in the family, and he is not afraid to share it with Dan and Joe! Then, Dan Miller goes on to give incredible insight on finding work you love, and he will inspire you to start finding what you love. You don’t want to miss it, hear real life examples of how many of Dan’s students have found work they love.

Tom Ewer, Blogging vs Podcasting, and Ashton Kutcher – ES 014

tom-ewerIn Round 1, Dan and Joe get their “TMZ” on when they delve into the celebrity world by looking at the recent speech by Ashton Kutcher at the “Teen Choice Awards”.  You read that right.  In the speech, Ashton gives 3 key ways to be successful that you won’t want to miss!

Round 2 brings on the debate between the written word such as blogging, and audio such as podcasting.  Of course, Joe and Dan are on the audio side, but there are still many clinging to the written word as the way of the present.  What side of the fence are you on?  The guest in the Main Event, Tom Ewer, is not only a fan of blogging, but is somewhat an opponent of blogging.  We’re ready for him!

Tom comes on to defend his position in the Main Event, and tells us why the written word could actually make you take action faster.  Dan and Joe fire back, and the showdown is definitely on!  Tom Ewer also dives into the dangers of testing an idea, and why he looks for ways to NOT trade his time for money.  From across the pond, Tom Ewer is a guest who is very opinionated, and is not afraid to share it!

Michael Stelzner, How Not to Pitch Yourself, and Building Your Platform – ES 013

michael-stelznerWhenever you want to sell your product or yourself, you need to Pitch Yourself.  Well, in Round 1, we discuss Ashley Ambridge’s article, How NOT to Pitch Yourself.  How can you provide value in your pitch?

Round 2 finds Joe and Dan debating Michael Stelzner’s, from the Social Media Marketing Podcast, recent interview discussing monetization strategies, and arguing which comes first: the Audience or the Product…..

We bring Michael in for the Main Event to get his take on how he monetizes, the dangers of affiliate marketing, and why you SHOULD start a blog even with the millions out there and how you can stand out. We also discuss his new venture, My Kids Adventures, and the tips he uses that you can use to start a fresh new venture! Don’t miss it!

John Lee Dumas, Value of Employees, and Fraudulent Entrepreneurs – ES 012

john lee dumasThere is a large disconnect between big business today, and the employees that run those businesses.  This is brought to light in a recent article on Business Insider by Henry Blodget.  It tells the story of how McDonalds could double the wages of all its employees, and cover the costs by simply raising the price of a Big Mac by .68 cents.  Dan and Joe dig into valuing and compensating employees, and what that means for entrepreneurs.

Then, Dan brings up a topic that hits close to home with he and Joe.  Most people would avoid this topic, but they address it head on in round two!

And in the main event, the boys welcome on one of the most successful podcasters going today, John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire.  As opposed to addressing a specific podcast with him, they dig deeper into the round two topic with John, and then take the interview everywhere else.  This is a sign of John Lee Dumas we rarely see, so you won’t want to miss it!

Ryan Dobbs, Do You Need a Co-founder, and Replacing Yourself in Your Business – ES 010

ryan dobbsJoe and Dan open the show by discussing whether or not a new startup founder or entrepreneur needs a partner or co-founder.  They discuss some of the topics covered in a Business Insider article.  Joe thinks he works better with someone else, Dan can go either way.  Listen to them explain why, and then decide for yourself!

Then we move on to round two, where two podcast episodes are discussed, both from Ryan Dobbs of the Unreasonable Entrepreneur.  Ryan has become a master of putting systems in place so that his businesses will practically run themselves.  Dan opens up about his failures in trying to do the same.

Finally, the main event features an interview with the Unreasonable Entrepreneur himself, Ryan Dobbs.  Ryan discusses his successes and failures in hiring employees and stepping away from his businesses.  He talks about an embarrassing incident that happened with one person he trusted a lot, and how difficult it was for him to handle.  Also, as a big time fitness buff, Ryan tells the guys where to expect the next wave in fitness fads to come from.  This was a great interview, and we think you’ll be hearing from Ryan for years to come!

Ryan Ferrier, Tips for Startups from Founders, and How to be a Finisher – ES 009

Ryan Ferrier

In Round 1 of The Showdown, we uncover why all tips from successful startup founders may not be crystal clear.  Joe and Dan grapple on tips given from founders, especially “Should you take a corporate job first?” Listen in to hear their sides, and decide for yourself!

Round 2 brings up a recent content piece, The Lost Art of Finishing, by Ryan Ferrier.  Most entrepreneurs are recognized for their abilities in starting, but what about the finishing?!? How important is it to have this attribute? Ryan is a master, and we discuss his experiences.

Then, for the main event, we bring on Ryan Ferrier who played a role in multiple successful million dollar exits, to talk about how YOU can be a finisher in your business or workplace.  We also talk about his new coaching program, the 60DayMBA.  Start your own business in 60 days, that’s all you need!

James Schramko, Is Being an Entrepreneur an Option, and Sticktoitiveness – ES 007

james schramkoDan and Joe ask the question, “Is Being an Entrepreneur a Viable Option for You?” Are some people meant to be entrepreneurs, and others not? It’s a debate that could go on forever! What side are you on? After listening to the Showdown’s take, check out Francisco Dao’s take on Pando Daily.

We bring on in Round 2, James Schramko, as we discuss “Stick-to-itiveness” (yes, it’s a flippin’ word!) from his podcast, Think Act Get.  When should you keep “sticking” with something before pivoting? We didn’t feel James and his host Ezra Firestone answered some of our question, so we were excited to bring him on for….

The Main Event! James Schramko takes our questions head-on and dives deeper into how to pick what opportunities to pursue. Find out how to make fancy financial models to determine what businesses to pursue or ditch. You don’t want to miss it!