Ryan Ferrier, Tips for Startups from Founders, and How to be a Finisher – ES 009

Ryan Ferrier

In Round 1 of The Showdown, we uncover why all tips from successful startup founders may not be crystal clear.  Joe and Dan grapple on tips given from founders, especially “Should you take a corporate job first?” Listen in to hear their sides, and decide for yourself!

Round 2 brings up a recent content piece, The Lost Art of Finishing, by Ryan Ferrier.  Most entrepreneurs are recognized for their abilities in starting, but what about the finishing?!? How important is it to have this attribute? Ryan is a master, and we discuss his experiences.

Then, for the main event, we bring on Ryan Ferrier who played a role in multiple successful million dollar exits, to talk about how YOU can be a finisher in your business or workplace.  We also talk about his new coaching program, the 60DayMBA.  Start your own business in 60 days, that’s all you need!

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