Rob Rawson, 10 Commandments of Side Hustles, & Future Work Trends in 2020 – ES 038

rob-rawsom In Round 1, we discuss the 10 Commandments, that’s right.  Not the Moses 10 Commandments but the 10 Commandments of Side Hustlers.  Dan believes one commandment is more important the one Joe highlights.  Dan goes into more detail on our Twitter strategy that has had MASSIVE results in a short time, check it out!

In Round 2, Joe and Dan dive into a Futuristic article from Rob Rawson looking into the Year…..2020.  Are many jobs going to be taken over by robots? It’s a scary thought, what can we do?  Dan thinks there may be population issue due to this, Joe thinks people need to get more creative with how they make money. Which side are you on?

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For the Main Event, we bring on Rob Rawson comes on to give us the harsh truth.  Rob’s built 2 companies and he’s a walk-the-talk man and will help you do the same.  Rob provides some insights on the TYPE of work that is going to be replaced in the coming years and what you need to do to pivot from A to B. We also dive into outsourcing and how to make your team productive even if you aren’t in the same state or even country! Rob’s the man for that!

BONUS: Hear Rob’s SWEET story on our friend, John Dumas’ show, Entrepreneur on Fire. His Ah-Ha moment is great!

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