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rick-calvertRound 1 brings on TWITTER! We look at an article by Marc Guberti on a specific strategy on Twitter to bring on more followers.  Joe and Dan aren’t going to agree on this, Dan sees this tactic as spam and Joe is more free-spirited and shares his results testing it out.  If you enjoy Twitter, you might want to consider this strategy.

We’re stoked to be heading out to New Media Expo in Vegas in January 2014.  Joe’s a bit nervous because he’s never been to a large conference and not sure of what strategies to use to get the most out of the conference!  Dan already has some experience from his days in real estate and offers his thoughts on the process.  To solve this, there’s only one thing to do, GET THE ORGANIZER OF THE EVENT ON AND GET HIS ADVICE.  Check!

“2014 is the Year of the Web Show” – Rick Calvert CLICK TO TWEET THIS PREDICTION

Rick Calvert, the Founder of New Media Expo, jumps into the Main Event to give his advice on attending conferences the Right Way! Rick talks about :

  1. The Misconceptions of Conferences
  2. How to Meet your Favorite Bloggers/Podcasters
  3. What to Do Right Before a Conference
  4. What 80% of people do wrong at a conference, be the 20%

He also has some predictions for 2014 you might be surprised about….

BONUS: Hear Rick Calvert tell all about starting up New Media Expo and more over at Become a Blogger’s Podcast, it’s a can’t-miss-it episode!

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