People always, through our various sites, ask us what products and services we use and recommend.  Some of these links are affiliate links, but they are services we use and recommend.  So even if you don’t click through these links, we still recommend them as the best resources.



I currently, and have for quite awhile, used Bluehost as my websites host of choice.  The thing I like most is that they will host all of my domains, no matter the number of them, the size of them, or the amount of traffic I get.  And the price is really hard to beat.

I will say that if you are planning on linking a bunch of your micro-niche type sites to eachother, you will not want all of your sites hosted on the same server, but otherwise I see no reason to not using them.  Their customer service is also fantastic, and super responsive.  Click Here to Learn More.



Podcasting is the newest content medium for me to venture into, but I’ve already fallen in love with Libsyn.  They host exclusively podcasts and videocasts.  If you didn’t know, hosting these types of media violates most standard webhost terms of service, so it’s necessary to host them separately.

Libsyn has the most competitive prices, and has a great user interface on the front end and back end.  Click Here to Learn More.


Recording and Publishing


I have been using Audacity for audio editing for years for various audio editing projects.  If you’ve used it, you know the looks are very basic, and lack the glitz and glamour of the programs that cost hundreds of dollars.  However the functionality is rock solid, and I have yet to find something that I needed from it that it couldn’t give me.

There are a number of plugins that people use to add even more depth to its abilities, so that is something to look out for as well.  And did I mention it was free?  Click Here to Learn More.



PowerPress is a WordPress plugin created by Blubrry, which is a podcast/media host.  Their services can be a little on the expensive side, however this plugin is free!  It is super powerful, and is used to post all of the podcasts you find on this site and my others.

Powerpress also helps create your own RSS feed, so you will no longer be reliant on Feedburner for this.  It will be your own, and you will have full control over it.  Click Here to Learn More.


Other Internet Marketing Resources

There are also a number of other tools that I use for my websites.  They are not necessarily used on this one, but many of my readers and listeners are involved with other projects that these help with.


Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is hands down my keyword research tool of choice.  While I will not claim to have used all of the tools on the market, I spent my fair share of time using Google Adwords keyword tool, and am happy to say I have moved past that!

Long Tail Pro is made up of three parts.  It has a keyword search function, a competition analysis function, and a search engine rank checker.  In other words, it keeps all the different aspects of your site research and start-up in one place.  I have had great success with it, and cannot recommend it enough.  Click Here to Learn More.


Niche Website Theme

This is not the theme used on this site, however it is the WordPress theme that I use on all of my smaller niche sites that are monetized with Adsense and other affiliate programs and products.

The Niche Website Theme is designed for micro-sites and also authority sites, and have built in advertisement areas that make it super easy to put banners or Adsense ads anywhere on the page you want.  It is hard to explain and easier to watch their video, so Click Here to Learn More.




While I used to be (and still am on a few older sites) a MailChimp guy, I have seen the AWeber light, and now realize why many of the top marketers choose their email marketing service.  It has all the power and features to conduct the most complicated of email campaigns, while also being super user friendly for the beginners.

I also like that everything is fully customizeable, as opposed to other services that are more restrictive.  They offer a free trial so you can give it a test, so why not give it a go?  Click here to Learn More.