Philip Taylor “PT”, Low-Cost Business, & Finding your Passion – ES048

philip-taylorYou’re stuck looking for your business passion, aren’t you? You’re probably using it as an excuse to not get started as well, right? We’ve had that issue as well.  Never fear, we discuss an excellent piece from expert Stephanie Sammons on finding your business passion; however, Dan seems to have questions about some of her thoughts, what do you think?

For Round 2 we discuss a post by fellow-Texan buddy, Philip Taylor aka PT Money on starting a business with little to no money.  Do you need a bunch of funding to get started and is the barrier to entry for online ventures getting worse? We discuss that and more before we bring on PT.

PT hits up the Main Event and ready to make it rain! Our first fellow CPA on the show!

  • Is building a lifestyle the key to finding your passion?
  • Why Venture Capitalists hinder you from starting businesses.
  • A Physical business could be better than an online venture.
  • What did PT have to outsource because he felt others could do it better? Do you have that courage?
  • Do you need to be extroverted to succeed?

BONUS:  PT joins our buddy Jared Easely over at Starve the Doubts and hear some of the wacky answers but also the wisdom you won’t hear here 😀

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How to find your Business Passion – Stephanie Sammons
How to Start a Business – Do you Want it Bad Enough?
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