Pat Flynn, Learning to Market from Lady Gaga, and Can You Please Everyone – ES 016

pat-flynnYou’ll go Gaga for this Round 1 as we discuss how GREAT Lady Gaga herself is at marketing.  Are there strategies she uses that you can use as well in your business? Dan and Joe dive into this “little monster” of a topic you’ll need to hear, and go gaga for it yourself!

For Round 2, we’ll dig into Pat Flynn’s recent income report (highest ever for the internet business superstar), and talk about how maybe he has some pivots in his income strategy coming. We also discuss some of the haters he’s been getting, and Dan and Joe go off on them!

For the Main Event, we brought Pat in to get his take on the haters, where to start making money online, and tons of topics too numerous to mention. Pat didn’t even let us stop the interview, so we pushed further with him to get into even more topics.  He answers the truthful question: Does Pat Flynn run an online business for the money and why?

BONUS: Hear Pat’s Amazing back-story and his Chewbecca impression on Starve the Doubts interview with Pat!

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  • Pat

    Hey Dan and Joe – thank you so much again for having me on and the great questions you asked! I had an amazing time! I appreciate it so much, and wish you both the best! Cheers :)

    • Dan Franks

      Thanks Pat! You’re a great ambassador for podcasters and online entrepreneurs alike, and it was an honor to have you on!

    • Joe Cassandra

      Great Pat, thanks for coming on, we had a killer time. Hopefully we will run into you at NMX, we’ll look for your backpack 😀

  • Tim Paige – Awesome Clarity

    Seriously, love this so much. Pat is always one of my favorite people to hear on an interview, and you guys always, ALWAYS crush it. Keep up the good work.

    • Dan Franks


      I said this elsewhere, but need to add a Gravatar, people want to see your pretty face!

    • Joe Cassandra

      Always may be a stretch! We’ve been excited to have Pat on for awhile, even though he’s on virtually every podcast, we were happy to bring something different with him. Thanks !

  • Arie at Mixergy

    Thanks for sharing Pat’s Mixergy interview :)

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