Natalie Sisson, Selling During Holidays, & Nail Your Presentation – ES 033

natalie-sissonJoe and Dan dive into a Round 1 about Group Presentations. Having come off their own speaking gig at Podcamp Dallas.  Joe discusses mistakes he made and how you can avoid it.  There’s also some tips Dan dives into in how to Wake UP your crowd! Discover how you SHOULD NOT start your presentation, it could KILL your presentation, and not the good kill!

Round 2 brings up the Holidays! You’re about to get bombarded by cheer and more and more ads to buy STUFF.  This topic was inspired by Natalie Sisson’s recent post on Making Sales during the Holiday Season. We discuss the freemium model and also how to stand out when you have information products.  Natalie will provide more insight in….

THE MAIN EVENT with Natalie Sisson.  She’s a true lifestyle entrepreneur traveling around with her suitcase internationally.  Natalie has some excellent tips on increasing exposure during the hustle and bustle.  Learn her tactics for increasing sales during the holiday season, her strategies for releasing a book, and how to use SEO to your advantage.  Also, Natalie has just a bad-ass accent, she could make the Phonebook sound good.

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BONUS: Listen to Natalie over at Turndog Millionaire and hear about Natalie’s mistakes and how she started to believe in herself and take the plunge!


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