Mike Vardy, Self Assessments, and Being a Productivityist – ES047

mike-vardy When you think of personality tests or behavioral tests, you’ll probably think “rubbish” or “I don’t need those.”  Well, Dan and Joe recently took one with their accounting team and it was eye-opening.  You learn more about yourself than you ever would think……..

How would you like to be more productive? Yes, you’ve heard it all before, but you actually haven’t.  We discuss the manifesto of Mr. Productivityist, Mike Vardy.  He has a manifesto on being the most productive you, but Joe has some qualms with some of Mike’s points, are they valid?

We bring on Mike Vardy in the Main Event, he’s both logical, hilarious, a wrestler at heart and more!

  • How tests, like the Kolbe test, can help you become a better manager and person.
  • Why your body clock is key to productivity.
  • Making a list to be productive may not be the right strategy.
  • An easy substance…that can make you instantly more creative.
  • Create urgency when you don’t have it to get the job done!

BONUS:   Check out Mike Vardy’s COMPLETE story over at Gary Miller’s show, it’s a 3-parter!

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Kolbe Test

Acacia Insights – Company who taught us about Kolbe

The Way of the Productivityist – Mike Vardy’s Manifesto

James Altucher – Write down 10 ideas

Drink Alcohol for Creativity

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