Uh Oh, we're in trouble... We've received emails from people wondering, "Where the heck we went??"  We just received one that may sum up some of our listeners feelings...

Dan and Joe,

I notice there hasn't been a new podcast for about three weeks now. Are y'all okay? At first I was disappointed, then irritated, then I thought about maybe you've had some personal challenges. Either way, I miss the show and I pray y'all are okay.

I really like your style of show and the way each of you has contrasting viewpoints without being argumentative. It's also really cool (to me) that you are open and share about your day jobs instead of making it seem like you are full time internet businessmen. It helps to see it's okay to have a side gig and see you grow this thing together.  Again, I hope you are okay and you'll be doing new shows again soon. Take care.

We felt bad right away...


We responded right away as our listeners are MEGA important to us:

You're right, we've missed a couple weeks, it sucks believe me.  We're both accountants and with the tax deadline, april 15th, coming up, we've had to put in 70-80 hour work weeks with little free time (on top of necessary time with our wives :)

But that's just a BS excuse, we actually didn't have the foresight to plan ahead and realize our time would get eaten up all of march and half of april.  It's not our first tax season rodeo but it's our fault we didn't plan to have more episodes in the can.

Thanks for your email *******, it really is encouraging to get emails like this even though you are understandably irritated with us, it makes us happy that someone cares.  That's what most people want isn't it, someone who cares!

We promise we're going to back on track asap.  We enjoy being open as the space needs more of that and there's stuff to learn in day jobs and side gigs. Sure it's sexy to be "full-time" entrepreneurs, but we even know people that call themselves that and it's BS. We don't want that.

Anyway, thanks again, we'll make it up to you we promise.

We're going to be back online again soon and know that we plan to keep the showdown train running!

Marcus Sheridan, Getting the Most from Meetings, and Should Marketing be Amazing – ES 008

marcus sheridanWhen should you have an important meeting? You’d be surprised by Dan and Joe’s answers, and we have material from Derek Halpern to spar over as well. Round 1 is on!

For Round 2, we tackle Marcus Sheridan’s piece on Useful vs. Awesome.  When should you be useful, and when is awesome the way to go?  Is one more exciting and have more of an effect than the other?  Dan and Joe debate it, but of course have to bring on Marcus himself to settle the score.

Marcus joins us from “the sticks” (his words) and digs into why Useful IS Awesome.  Does that make sense?  You’ll want to hear that.  Also why viral videos will not help you make sales, so stop doing it!  Disagree with him? Listen to his reasoning.

BONUS: We ask him why he’s called the Sales Lion, and we find out from the lion’s mouth, don’t miss it!

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When is the BEST/WORST Time for a Meeting – Derek Halpern
Why Useful Beats Awesome in Marketing – Marcus Sheridan
Youtility – Jay Baer
Jay Baer
River Pools and Spa
Marcus’ TED Talk – Don’t Miss it!
Tucker Max site
iphones in a blender

Further Resources

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BONUS: Great interview with Marcus on Firepole Marketing!

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Dan Franks is a full time CPA, and moonlights as a podcaster, blogger, and professional wrestler. He considers himself an all around good guy!

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  • Michelle Wright

    Very useful info. Chasing the flash will NOT lead to cash. We’ve got to make sure we give the customers what they need, even if it doesn’t look “cool.”