John Lee Dumas, Value of Employees, and Fraudulent Entrepreneurs – ES 012

john lee dumasThere is a large disconnect between big business today, and the employees that run those businesses.  This is brought to light in a recent article on Business Insider by Henry Blodget.  It tells the story of how McDonalds could double the wages of all its employees, and cover the costs by simply raising the price of a Big Mac by .68 cents.  Dan and Joe dig into valuing and compensating employees, and what that means for entrepreneurs.

Then, Dan brings up a topic that hits close to home with he and Joe.  Most people would avoid this topic, but they address it head on in round two!

And in the main event, the boys welcome on one of the most successful podcasters going today, John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire.  As opposed to addressing a specific podcast with him, they dig deeper into the round two topic with John, and then take the interview everywhere else.  This is a sign of John Lee Dumas we rarely see, so you won’t want to miss it!

BONUS: We bring to light some of the “copycat” podcasts that have popped up stealing EOF’s format and material recently, and confront John with the tough questions.  John’s typically a nice guy, but we see if we can get the gloves to come off for the showdown!

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  • John Lee Dumas

    Thanks for the great opportunity guys…it was quite the showdown! :-)

    • Dan Franks

      The pleasure was all ours, John!

    • Joe Cassandra

      We had fun fun fun!

    • Steve Young

      Thanks for the shout out, John! You rock dude!

      • Joe Cassandra

        Can’t beat the Dumas!

  • Eric Fisk

    This is one of the best shows so far. Loved the content and loved the different side of John that you guys brought out. Keep up the good work, you are getting better every week.

    • Joe Cassandra

      Thanks a bunch Eric! We try and ask different questions and, like you said, see different sides of ppl and we love it. Glad you like it too!