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john-corcoranPR can be mega expensive for your new venture, but you don’t have to feel at a disadvantage.  For Round 1, Dan and Joe discuss how you can do YOUR OWN PR for your business.  Learn some of the strategies we’ve used to get press, and some of the tools you can use without having to even open your wallet.  Hustle for that exposure!

We dive into Networking, that yummy N word that sends even the most outgoing to a feeling of a little nervousness.  “Go network at events” is an old adage, but what does that mean and what can you do to be better at them?  We look at some of our experiences at events and ask ourselves questions such as, “What if I’m an introvert?” You’re not going to want to miss these tips! John Corcoran provided the inspiration for this discussion and we’re about bring John on….

Use the Forum the Person you want to Connect with USES – John Corcoran CLICK TO TWEET

Yes, you made it, to the Main Event with our friend, John Corcoran!  We dive into TONS of topics on networking with John including: the importance of following up and the benefits, where to find those you want to network with, how to END conversations (Joe has a great personal story on this), and a great tip on relationships with networking, Should your spouse be networking side by side with you so they don’t feel left out? You won’t want to miss John’s take.

Head over to John’s site, Smart Business Revolution, and pick up the E-book we discussed in the episode on Networking and Creating a Plan for it, tell him we sent ya!

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BONUS: Listen to John Corcoran discuss his backstory in the Clinton White House, his podcast and more over at JD Blogger, go now!


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