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How do you use your time? It’s something we struggle with on the Showdown so we got some help from Jane Willmott with tips on Making the best  and most use of your time. Dan and Joe even have some of their own tips you can use right now……

In Round 2, we discuss Jill Stanton’s recent video post on the difference between Niche Sites and Authority Sites.  Dan’s had experience in the niche site world and can define it all for you and what goes into each…the question is.. do you need to use “different” SEO tactics to make them work? We’ll need to ask Jill in the Main Event!

Jill Stanton lands in the Main Event, having built dozens of authority and niche sites, she’s a great resource to learn about them and the lifeblood they need to thrive.  It’s easy to be scammy in the niche site world, but Jill can show you how to get around that type of branding 

  • The BEST way to get things done besides the normal “write it down” advice.
  •  Difference between a niche site and an authority site and which is for you.
  • The Key Ingredient to having a successful niche site
  • What Jill worries about with her site’s ALL the time!
  • Which affiliate programs are the best for you? Hint, according to Jill, “Amazon affiliate program is bulls***!” Learn more!

BONUS:  Jill Stanton goes in-depth with our friend, Sean Malarkey over at the Money Pillow.  Her hubby joins her in the interview as well so learn about making your entrepreneurial adventures work with a spouse!

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