Jason Womack, Networking Leverage, and Are you on the Right Path? – ES028

jason-womackAre you on the wrong track in your life? It’s scary to think about, but Dan and Joe dive into Round 1 discussing this topic, and what many people do in the early stage of their life.  If you’re a recent graduate or have started a new career, you’ll want to check out this article and listen to Round 1.

In Round 2, we’ll discuss Building Your Network and when should you do it, a topic from Jason Womack (hint, he’ll be the guest!).  Dan and Joe have different takes on when YOU might want to start building it and who is actually involved in your network.  Joe and Jason don’t seem to agree, we’ll need to settle this in the Main Event!

 People want to move beyond transaction, into relationship, toward opportunity– Jason Womack CLICK TO TWEET

We bring Jason Womack on the Main Event to discuss networking and more.  Jason says he had to prepare by listening to multiple episodes of the ES to get ready for this, so don’t miss it! Learn about how Jason keeps track of all his networking contacts.  Discover the 4 questions, what are they? Where can you find opportunities with your connections?  Jason will help you out!

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BONUS:  Learn all about Jason and check out his story and his weekly show, “Your Best Just Got Better,” do us a favor and go check it out!



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