James Clear, Becoming a Chosen One, and Risky vs Reckless – ES 027

james-clearWhen you think of an entrepreneur, you sometimes think immediately “Risk-Taker”. Is there a line past that to reckless? Dan and Joe tackle the issue, what temperament they are, and perhaps identify which one you are!

In Round 2, we’ll discuss the “Chosen Ones.” Are some people chosen for success, and is every generation thinking the next is entitled? We’ll tackle this topic inspired by James Clear.

“Luck Provides Opportunities, but YOU have to walk through the door” – James Clear  CLICK TO TWEET

James Clear enters the Ring to delve further into “old-style” work ethic and the “knowledge” work ethic.  James is a health guru as well and gives you tips on maintaining your health, its importance in business, and developing habits around it.  Listen for the gem in this interview with how Environment can play a key in your habitual and marketing efforts!

James Clear Bonus Page just for Entrepreneur Showdown Listeners!

BONUS:  If you’re looking for James’ health tips and how to build muscle, check out his interview at Fat-Burning Man. For more on his dieting and habit building, check out his interview at “Latest in Paleo.” Both are excellent!

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