Holiday Mashup with Jared Easley and Cynthia Sanchez – ES 036

holiday mashupIt’s our week to host the Holiday Mashup! We had a blast last week and now we had a few tricks up our sleeves! Jared Easely and Cynthia Sanchez join us again for a round of laughs and lessons. Round 1 has us tackling the Top Christmas questions out there.  Hear Joe and Cynthia disagree on one of the most controversial topics of the season….. It’s a ball of giggles you’ll need to listen to.

Dan takes the reins in Round 2 to bring us down to earth with what our show is all about. Entrepreneurship.  What IS entrepreneurship and who really are entrepreneurs.  These are some tough questions and Jared reveals something tough going on right now, it’s an emotional and inspiring moment that we’ve never had on the Showdown.

In the Main Event, we close out the 2nd part of the Mashup with questions from the audience, we discuss who our “Dream” Interviews with.  Some are possible, others… may take awhile.  But we will never give up! In the podcasting area, we discuss if you should charge people who want to come on your show, is that an ethical tactic to used for your business? Also, “Would you ever start a podcast with a spouse?”

To close out the Mashup, we all give OUR GOALS for 2014, our concrete goals.  Will you hold us accountable?

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Holiday Mashup w/ Cynthia Sanchez & Jared Easley

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Author: Dan Franks

Dan Franks is a full time CPA, and moonlights as a podcaster, blogger, and professional wrestler. He considers himself an all around good guy!

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