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david-cristelloExciting times here at The Showdown, as we debut an all new month of Entrepreneur Showdown: Presents. October 2013 saw some exciting Entertainment Entrepreneurs, but November 2013 might be even better!

November 2013 is SAAS Entrepreneur Month! We’ll be interviewing four dynamic and cutting edge entrepreneurs who are making headway in the software as a service space.

We kick of SAAS Entrepreneur month with David Cristello of Jetpack Workflow (formerly ProcessPro). David is a self made entrepreneur who has been plying is craft in the marketing space for longer than most who are his age.  However his latest venture is creating a SAAS product, and David is not afraid to tell us everything!

We hear about the failed dental venture David first experimented with, and find out what exactly went wrong. David also tells us some of the techniques he learned during niche selection to ensure that he would not experience failure again! David Cristello is a student of Dane Maxwell and Andy Drisch’s The Foundation, and David shares with us what that program did for him.

And of course we will spend plenty of time talking with David about his current project which he has been able to develop almost completely without a penny out of his own pocket. He is solving big pains in the finance space that many large corporations cannot seem to find the answer to, and we dig into how he manages to do it better, and more!

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David Cristello
The Foundation
Jetpack Workflow (Formerly Process Pro)

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