Dan Miller, Dangers in Deadlines, and Entrepreneurial Family Matters – ES 015


Often times we find ourselves in a situation where we have the opportunity to extend deadlines that we are working towards. Are there any benefits in extending deadlines? More importantly, what are the drawbacks to doing it and how do we maximize our productivity? Dan and Joe can’t agree on all of it, but learn their tips on meeting deadlines in your work!

Then in Round 2, we look at Dan Miller’s recent article on whether men should be the providers of the family, or if the new age has brought a time where men and women can play equal roles in the family. This is a topic that is sure to polarize all who listen, and we know that the independent women are sure to have something to say about it!

Finally, in the much anticipated Main Event, we bring on the great Dan Miller to dig more into his polarizing view. Dan sides VERY strongly one direction on the male’s role in the family, and he is not afraid to share it with Dan and Joe! Then, Dan Miller goes on to give incredible insight on finding work you love, and he will inspire you to start finding what you love. You don’t want to miss it, hear real life examples of how many of Dan’s students have found work they love.

BONUS: Listen to Dan’s recent interview on Entrepreneur on Fire, Dan’s a treasure trove of inspiration!

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