ES Presents: Dan Franks, Professional Wrestler

dan-franksIn the final episode in Entertainment Entrepreneur Month, Joe turns the tables and interviews his other half: Dan Franks.  Joe asks Dan about his past as a professional wrestler, and the business side of a form of entertainment that many are not familiar with.

Dan also has an interesting story about how he got into wrestling and online business at the same time.  At the age of 14, Dan already had a profitable online business building and maintaining websites in the professional wrestling niche.

Find out what spending his young years as an online entrepreneur, and his older years as a professional wrestler, taught Dan.  Dan also shares how those lessons still effect his businesses today.

Tune in next week as Entrepreneur Showdown: Presents will bring you SAAS Month.  Four successful SAAS entrepreneurs will tell their stories of success and failure in a new episode every Thursday in November!

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BONUS: Check out Dan Franks as Danny Matthews kicking some major @$$ HERE!


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