Chris Guthrie, For Love or Money, and Rebranding Your Business – ES 003

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Discover the two ways people are motivated, and decide for yourself which is stronger: intrinsic or extrinsic motivation? Lucille Zimmerman was a guest poster over at Michael Hyatt, and she digs deep into both. Dan and Joe always have something to say on controversial topics, and this one is no exception!

Chris Guthrie has made $100’s of thousands online, but is looking to re-brand his website, Make Money on the Internet.  Is he making the right move, and is it an option you should consider as well?

And in the Main Event, Chris enters the arena to discuss re-branding, striking in a niche while the iron is hot, and why he thinks income reports might be a bad idea but still plans on doing them!

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Are You Doing Something Because You Love it or What You Get?
Rebranding Make Money on the Internet – Chris Guthrie
Justin and Joe at Empire Flippers
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