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ES Presents: Esther de Boer of Shootzilla

Esther-de-boerToday we continue SAAS Entrepreneur month here on Entrepreneur Showdown: Presents, as we welcome on Esther de Boer of Shootzilla.

Esther has a background in photography, and has run many businesses of her own.  However a software based business is something that was never on Esther’s radar until she became a member of The Foundation.

What makes Esther de Boer different from some of the other SAAS entrepreneurs we have spoken to is that she has multiple other businesses that she is running, in addition to Shootzilla.  We discuss systems and tactics Esther uses to keep everything on the tracks, and to make sure one businesses does not suffer because of another.

Esther also did something different than the normal teaching of Dane Maxwell and Andy Drish in The Foundation.  She pursued a SAAS product in a space that she was already very experienced in.  However so far Esther thinks she made the right call!

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ES Presents: Sam Ovens of Snap Inspect

sam ovens

Sam Ovens continues the month dedicated solely to Software Entrepreneurs (SAAS).  Sam shot to the top of the online world as one of the first success stories out of the Foundation, with founders Dane Maxwell and Andy Drish.

He rose in notoriety with his interview with our friend Andrew Warner at Mixergy and gained worldwide exposure and helped contribute to the Foundation brand.

Sam’s main project is SnapInspect.  We had already heard his story at Mixergy and wanted to dive in deeper how to grow beyond the Foundation and beyond the initial building of the product.  Listen to Sam go in great detail on:

  • Why he struggled when he came out of the Foundation even with paying customers.
  • How He lost his Girlfriend because of his Entrepreneurial adventures.
  • Why he thinks Lifestyle Entrepreneurs might be Lying….
  • One of his best sources for Leads (you might want to listen for his top one……)

Hear also Sam talk about a great story about Steve Jobs and how he tested the market to find the right idea.  It’s all about testing, even Joe gets sucked into a “potentially” good idea that Sam quickly proves wrong!

Sam’s also building a successful consulting Business over at his personal site.  This is a unique Showdown interview as we hear alot more stories than normal but it’s intriguing.  Hear Sam’s voice as he remembers how much he struggled and had to sell everything to pay the bills.

If you’re a wannabe Software Entrepreneur, this is the interview for you.

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ES Presents: David Cristello of Jetpack Workflow

david-cristelloExciting times here at The Showdown, as we debut an all new month of Entrepreneur Showdown: Presents. October 2013 saw some exciting Entertainment Entrepreneurs, but November 2013 might be even better!

November 2013 is SAAS Entrepreneur Month! We’ll be interviewing four dynamic and cutting edge entrepreneurs who are making headway in the software as a service space.

We kick of SAAS Entrepreneur month with David Cristello of Jetpack Workflow (formerly ProcessPro). David is a self made entrepreneur who has been plying is craft in the marketing space for longer than most who are his age.  However his latest venture is creating a SAAS product, and David is not afraid to tell us everything!

We hear about the failed dental venture David first experimented with, and find out what exactly went wrong. David also tells us some of the techniques he learned during niche selection to ensure that he would not experience failure again! David Cristello is a student of Dane Maxwell and Andy Drisch’s The Foundation, and David shares with us what that program did for him.

And of course we will spend plenty of time talking with David about his current project which he has been able to develop almost completely without a penny out of his own pocket. He is solving big pains in the finance space that many large corporations cannot seem to find the answer to, and we dig into how he manages to do it better, and more!

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ES Presents: Dan Franks, Professional Wrestler

dan-franksIn the final episode in Entertainment Entrepreneur Month, Joe turns the tables and interviews his other half: Dan Franks.  Joe asks Dan about his past as a professional wrestler, and the business side of a form of entertainment that many are not familiar with.

Dan also has an interesting story about how he got into wrestling and online business at the same time.  At the age of 14, Dan already had a profitable online business building and maintaining websites in the professional wrestling niche.

Find out what spending his young years as an online entrepreneur, and his older years as a professional wrestler, taught Dan.  Dan also shares how those lessons still effect his businesses today.

Tune in next week as Entrepreneur Showdown: Presents will bring you SAAS Month.  Four successful SAAS entrepreneurs will tell their stories of success and failure in a new episode every Thursday in November!

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ES Presents: Stuart Crane of TV Talk

stuart-craneWhile many podcasters follow the same formula and fit themselves into the same mold, Stuart Crane of TV Talk set out to be different.

TV Talk is a podcast network that has grown seemingly out of nowhere, and has taken a not so traditional route!

Rooted in an iPhone and Android app, not iTunes (although it is also available there), Stuart Crane looks to make listening to expert reviews of your favorite television shows not only easy, but interactive!

Find out about TV Talk’s super intuitive interface that allows the listener to become part of the show with the App’s “Talk Back” feature.  Stuart also discusses his lofty goals when it comes to revenue generation and securing big time advertisers!

Stuart Crane has had big successes in the past, so who are we to doubt that all of his plans will come to fruition?

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ES Presents: Gwen Reyes of Reel Vixen

gwen-reyesImagine a life where your JOB entails going to the movies and watching television.  A few times a week, you have to talk with the on screen and behind the scene stars of these programs.  Then you create regular written, audio, and video content detailing your thoughts on the movies and interviews.

Sound pretty tough?  Well that’s exactly what our guest Gwen Reyes from does for a living.  She is a television and movie critic who contributes to many different websites, podcasts, and TV shows.

Furthermore, Gwen has created a business around her personal brand, and makes a living doing things that many others do as mere hobbies.

We find out exactly how she monetizes her passion, what television shows you should be watching, coming soon movies to look out for, and MORE in today’s episode of Entrepreneur Showdown: Presents!

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ES Presents: Scott Osburn of Highland Concerts

Scott-OsburnYou’ve surely heard it by now, the body thumping beats of the EDM movement.  And if you live anywhere close to Dallas, TX, there’s a good chance the group responsible is Highland Concerts!

Lead by Scott Osburn, 1/2 of the founding duo who founded Highland Concerts in 2008 and are the masterminds behind the Lights All Night music festival.  Lights All Night is known around the world as one of the premier electronic dance music events, drawing tens of thousands people from all over for it’s multi-day events every December.

Even more exciting for Scott Osburn, though, is the fact that this year they will be expanding internationally, as they introduce Mexico City to the Lights All Night phenomenon!


Lights All Night recently announced the lineup for their Dallas events this December, and they will feature Deadmau5 and Kaskade, two of the biggest names in the EDM universe!  This is huge news for Scott and the LAN team, and since it was not announced yet at the time of recording, we wanted to make sure you all knew!  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

ES Presents: Amanda Pekoe of The Pekoe Group

amanda-pekoeWe are super pumped to be debuting the new Entrepreneur Showdown: Presents series, and even more pumped that it’s October because October is Entertainment Entrepreneur Month!

Today we are super excited to be sharing with you our visit with Amanda Pekoe of the Pekoe Group.

Amanda is a former Broadway and Off-Broadway performer and producer who discovered her true calling, which was the business side of show business.  She made the leap into marketing and advertising the same shows she once was a part of, and has never looked back!

The Pekoe Group has absolutely NAILED their online presence, as we discuss in the interview.  We have never seen anyone dominate the Google ranks like Amanda and her group do!  We find out how she’s accomplished this, but more importantly what she does for her clients that sets her apart from other people in her space.