Entrepreneur Showdown

Marcus Sheridan, Getting the Most from Meetings, and Should Marketing be Amazing – ES 008

marcus sheridanWhen should you have an important meeting? You’d be surprised by Dan and Joe’s answers, and we have material from Derek Halpern to spar over as well. Round 1 is on!

For Round 2, we tackle Marcus Sheridan’s piece on Useful vs. Awesome.  When should you be useful, and when is awesome the way to go?  Is one more exciting and have more of an effect than the other?  Dan and Joe debate it, but of course have to bring on Marcus himself to settle the score.

Marcus joins us from “the sticks” (his words) and digs into why Useful IS Awesome.  Does that make sense?  You’ll want to hear that.  Also why viral videos will not help you make sales, so stop doing it!  Disagree with him? Listen to his reasoning.

James Schramko, Is Being an Entrepreneur an Option, and Sticktoitiveness – ES 007

james schramkoDan and Joe ask the question, “Is Being an Entrepreneur a Viable Option for You?” Are some people meant to be entrepreneurs, and others not? It’s a debate that could go on forever! What side are you on? After listening to the Showdown’s take, check out Francisco Dao’s take on Pando Daily.

We bring on in Round 2, James Schramko, as we discuss “Stick-to-itiveness” (yes, it’s a flippin’ word!) from his podcast, Think Act Get.  When should you keep “sticking” with something before pivoting? We didn’t feel James and his host Ezra Firestone answered some of our question, so we were excited to bring him on for….

The Main Event! James Schramko takes our questions head-on and dives deeper into how to pick what opportunities to pursue. Find out how to make fancy financial models to determine what businesses to pursue or ditch. You don’t want to miss it!

Srinivas Rao, Steps to Avoid the Wrong Path, and Breaking Up a Partnership – ES 006

srinivas rao

We tackle, in Round 1, Scott Dinsmore’s 6 Steps to Ensure You Don’t Pick the Wrong Path . Should you start off doing what you love in little pieces, or go all in? Joe and Dan will dig into those topics and more.

Then in Round 2, we introduce you to Srinivas Rao, the host and Co-founder of BlogcastFM, as he goes through the experience of his partner, David, leaving the show.  Was there more to the story than what they talked about in David’s last episode?

We bring on Srinivas in the Main Event to discuss partnerships, replacing teammates, the creative process, and tons more! How should you go about finding a partner? What do you do when you hit a creative wall? Srinivas Rao will help you out!

Tim Paige, Fastlane Entrepreneurship, and Breaking Free of Tough Times – ES 005

tim paige

In Round 1, we discuss Eventual Millionaire’s interview with MJ Demarco, the multi-millionaire business owner and author. We debate pleasing the market, or following our passion with our ideas. Which side are you on?

Round 2 sees Dan and Joe debate Tim Paige’s episode of the Awesome Podcast discussing the topic of striving through rough times in your business.  How do you choose which path you should take? What about planning for worst case scenarios?

We then bring in Tim Paige for the Main Event, and hear what type of people you should be hanging with to thrive in early times, to set yourself up for the best chances of success.  We also learn how to figure out who your REAL customers are.  Finally, Tim will tell you how to take calculated risks before taking the leap. Check it out!

Joey Kissimmee, What Not to Do, and Entrepreneurial Girl Power – ES 004

joey kissimmee

We go head to head to tackle a recent article by the polarizing Ms. Penelope Trunk.  She says that you need to make mistakes after graduation. Yes, make mistakes! And better yet, she is even willing to tell you what those mistakes are. Listen to figure out what we mean.

Then  we discuss what makes women different from men when it comes to entrepreneurship, and discuss if the might even have an unfair advantage!

And in the main event, we bring in Income Press’, Joey Kissimmee to talk about his recent series on entrepreneurial “Girl Power.” Are women better than men? You’ll be surprised by Joey’s answer and the advantages women have over men. This is a touchy but important topic, and with Dan and Joe being men, they are ready to defend the male sex.

Chris Guthrie, For Love or Money, and Rebranding Your Business – ES 003

chris guthrie

Discover the two ways people are motivated, and decide for yourself which is stronger: intrinsic or extrinsic motivation? Lucille Zimmerman was a guest poster over at Michael Hyatt, and she digs deep into both. Dan and Joe always have something to say on controversial topics, and this one is no exception!

Chris Guthrie has made $100’s of thousands online, but is looking to re-brand his website, Make Money on the Internet.  Is he making the right move, and is it an option you should consider as well?

And in the Main Event, Chris enters the arena to discuss re-branding, striking in a niche while the iron is hot, and why he thinks income reports might be a bad idea but still plans on doing them!

Justin Cooke, Who Needs College, and Entrepreneur Roller Coasters – ES 002

justin cooke

With young entrepreneurs making millions each year, the hot question remains : Do you need college to be an entrepreneur? Find out what we think so you can decide for yourself!

In Round 2, Dan and Joe discuss a recent podcast from the Empire Flippers, where Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti talk about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.  We debate Justin’s views, and also discuss some of our ups and downs.

The Main Event brings Justin Cooke into the ring to expand on how he deals with the roller coaster of entrepreneurship, and what you can do when there are ups, and when there’s downs. There will be low points for everyone, so learn how to prepare and deal with them now! He also reveals a huge regret you don’t want to miss…

Andrew Warner, Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made, and Entrepreneurial Ethics – ES 001

andrew warner

Entrepreneurs are either born into the perfect circumstances, or made through life experiences and taught in school.  Is this a theory you believe in, and which side are you on? 

In one of the latest episodes at Mixergy, Andrew Warner interviews Alexis Neely where they discuss many things, including her tactically filing for bankruptcy to start a new life for her and her family.  She also runs a coaching program where she teaches her students to do the same.  Is there an issue of morality in this type of tactic, and should an entrepreneur leverage bankruptcy to their advantage?

And in the Main Event, we debate, but mostly listen and learn from one of the best interviewers out there, Andrew Warner of Mixergy.  Learn the best secret to getting more sales! Listen to him turn the tables on us in our very first interview on the Entrepreneur Showdown!