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Rob Rawson, 10 Commandments of Side Hustles, & Future Work Trends in 2020 – ES 038

rob-rawsom In Round 1, we discuss the 10 Commandments, that’s right.  Not the Moses 10 Commandments but the 10 Commandments of Side Hustlers.  Dan believes one commandment is more important the one Joe highlights.  Dan goes into more detail on our Twitter strategy that has had MASSIVE results in a short time, check it out!

In Round 2, Joe and Dan dive into a Futuristic article from Rob Rawson looking into the Year…..2020.  Are many jobs going to be taken over by robots? It’s a scary thought, what can we do?  Dan thinks there may be population issue due to this, Joe thinks people need to get more creative with how they make money. Which side are you on?

CLICK TO TWEET: “All Repetitive Work Will Be Replaced – Rob Rawson

For the Main Event, we bring on Rob Rawson comes on to give us the harsh truth.  Rob’s built 2 companies and he’s a walk-the-talk man and will help you do the same.  Rob provides some insights on the TYPE of work that is going to be replaced in the coming years and what you need to do to pivot from A to B. We also dive into outsourcing and how to make your team productive even if you aren’t in the same state or even country! Rob’s the man for that!

BONUS: Hear Rob’s SWEET story on our friend, John Dumas’ show, Entrepreneur on Fire. His Ah-Ha moment is great!

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William Shaker, Reinvent Yourself, and Gain Control of your Branding – ES 037

william-shakerIn Round 1, we discuss a recent blog post by Shannon J. Hernandez about Gaining Control of Your Branding Efforts.  Dan and Joe discuss their experience with blogging to supplement their podcast.  They disagree about the viability of what they’ve tried to do in the past, and brainstorm about what they might do in the future.

They also discuss using their peers in the blogging and podcasting space to not only make themselves better, but their podcast as well.  What are their recommendations for branding yourself as an authority figure?  Tune in!

Then in Round 2, Dan and Joe discuss reinventing yourselves.  James Altucher recently put together an Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Reinventing Yourself, and William Shaker responded via podcast with his opinion on the piece.  There are some far out revelations in this one, and you’ll be shocked to hear the different opinions presented in this Round 2.

How many books must you read to reinvent yourself?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  All parties disagree on this one!  What do you think?

William Shaker of the Endless Possibilities Podcast joins the party to dig deeper into some of his thoughts.  William has built companies that earn in excess of a million dollars a year, so he definitely has some boots on the ground experience.

CLICK TO TWEET: Mentors are the single most important things you can have at the beginning of a business career. -William Shaker

William also talks about strategically making mistakes, and how to turn those mistakes into lessons.  He is a big time mindset guy, and discusses both mindset and habit forming.

BONUS: Check out William Shaker as he joins our girl Laurel on the Go Fire Yourself Podcast HERE!

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Holiday Mashup with Jared Easley and Cynthia Sanchez – ES 036

holiday mashupIt’s our week to host the Holiday Mashup! We had a blast last week and now we had a few tricks up our sleeves! Jared Easely and Cynthia Sanchez join us again for a round of laughs and lessons. Round 1 has us tackling the Top Christmas questions out there.  Hear Joe and Cynthia disagree on one of the most controversial topics of the season….. It’s a ball of giggles you’ll need to listen to.

Dan takes the reins in Round 2 to bring us down to earth with what our show is all about. Entrepreneurship.  What IS entrepreneurship and who really are entrepreneurs.  These are some tough questions and Jared reveals something tough going on right now, it’s an emotional and inspiring moment that we’ve never had on the Showdown.

In the Main Event, we close out the 2nd part of the Mashup with questions from the audience, we discuss who our “Dream” Interviews with.  Some are possible, others…..it may take awhile.  But we will never give up! In the podcasting area, we discuss if you should charge people who want to come on your show, is that an ethical tactic to used for your business? Also, “Would you ever start a podcast with a spouse?”

To close out the Mashup, we all give OUR GOALS for 2014, our concrete goals.  Will you hold us accountable?

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John Corcoran, Networking at Events, & Do the PR Yourself – ES 034

john-corcoranPR can be mega expensive for your new venture, but you don’t have to feel at a disadvantage.  For Round 1, Dan and Joe discuss how you can do YOUR OWN PR for your business.  Learn some of the strategies we’ve used to get press, and some of the tools you can use without having to even open your wallet.  Hustle for that exposure!

We dive into Networking, that yummy N word that sends even the most outgoing to a feeling of a little nervousness.  “Go network at events” is an old adage, but what does that mean and what can you do to be better at them?  We look at some of our experiences at events and ask ourselves questions such as, “What if I’m an introvert?” You’re not going to want to miss these tips! John Corcoran provided the inspiration for this discussion and we’re about bring John on….

Use the Forum the Person you want to Connect with USES – John Corcoran CLICK TO TWEET

Yes, you made it, to the Main Event with our friend, John Corcoran!  We dive into TONS of topics on networking with John including: the importance of following up and the benefits, where to find those you want to network with, how to END conversations (Joe has a great personal story on this), and a great tip on relationships with networking, Should your spouse be networking side by side with you so they don’t feel left out? You won’t want to miss John’s take.

Head over to John’s site, Smart Business Revolution, and pick up the E-book we discussed in the episode on Networking and Creating a Plan for it, tell him we sent ya!

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ES Presents: Carl Mattiola of ClinicMetrics


When Carl Mattiola, now of ClinicMetrics, first stepped foot in the entrepreneurial world to begin developing his new SAAS product, he was terrified!

Carl helps wrap up our SAAS Entrepreneur Month here on Entrepreneur Showdown: Presents, and it is only fitting as he is one of The Foundation’s most successful graduates!

ClinicMetrics is a SAAS product focused on helping physical therapists see exactly what is going on with their business.  He was shocked how many of these businesses in the health care field didn’t even know the health of their own business!

Carl takes us through his limiting beliefs, the idea extraction process, how he gets money from potential clients before ever having a product, and more!

We also talk with Carl about how he started small when trying to learn a foreign industry, and how even though you might not be an expert (yet), being honest with people will get you to where you want to be.

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Natalie Sisson, Selling During Holidays, & Nail Your Presentation – ES 033

natalie-sissonJoe and Dan dive into a Round 1 about Group Presentations. Having come off their own speaking gig at Podcamp Dallas.  Joe discusses mistakes he made and how you can avoid it.  There’s also some tips Dan dives into in how to Wake UP your crowd! Discover how you SHOULD NOT start your presentation, it could KILL your presentation, and not the good kill!

Round 2 brings up the Holidays! You’re about to get bombarded by cheer and more and more ads to buy STUFF.  This topic was inspired by Natalie Sisson’s recent post on Making Sales during the Holiday Season. We discuss the freemium model and also how to stand out when you have information products.  Natalie will provide more insight in….

THE MAIN EVENT with Natalie Sisson.  She’s a true lifestyle entrepreneur traveling around with her suitcase internationally.  Natalie has some excellent tips on increasing exposure during the hustle and bustle.  Learn her tactics for increasing sales during the holiday season, her strategies for releasing a book, and how to use SEO to your advantage.  Also, Natalie has just a bad-ass accent, she could make the Phonebook sound good.

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Ezra Firestone, Marketing, and Get Your First 100 Blog Readers – ES 032

ezra-firestoneFor Round 1 today, learn how to grow your blog to get your first 100 readers.  We’re starting to build a blog readership to compliment our podcast and we found a killer article with tactical advice.  We found 1 interesting tactic that you can implement right away, check it out!

In Round 2, Joe and Dan discuss Marketing. Yes, you’ve heard us discuss it before, but this is based on a recent podcast from Think Act Get (we’ve already interviewed one side with James Schramko) now we get the other part of the duo with Ezra Firestone.  Ezra is a killer marketer and we get a chance to define marketing before Ezra gets to swoop in and change our definition!

Keys to Business: Visibility, Conversion, & Repeat Business – Ezra Firestone CLICK TO TWEET

Ezra Firestone lands in the Main Event and ready to rumble.  Learn his ONE place to focus your marketing expertise right now.  Joe asks him about referrals and Ezra tells you why it could be a flawed business model to rely on.  Ezra packs this interview with TONS of advertising tips and tricks, he also shows you how to GAIN MAXIMUM exposure for your brand and the exact strategy he uses to do for his own brand.  This is an exciting episode, we had fun making it for you!

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Laura Roeder, Workspace Productivity, & Lying to Yourself – ES 031

laura roederWe kick off Round 1 by talking about 5 Small Workspace Change That Will Make You More Productive.  There are multiple things that you can do TODAY regardless of you work environment that will immediately improve your productivity.  Who doesn’t want that?  Temperature, lighting, and paint.  Oh my!

Then in Round 2, we let Laura Roeder ask the question, “Want to Start Growing Your Business?  Stop Lying to Yourself!”  Many online wantrepreneurs claim they want one thing or another, but when it comes to taking action, a large number of them do the wrong thing.  Are you over thinking things?  Are you treating your journey like a marathon or a sprint?  Joe and Dan discuss this, and more.

And in the Main Event, Dan goes solo as he steps in the ring with Laura Roeder of LKR Social Medial.  Laura is a social media queen, but she knows so much more!  That’s what we get into.  Laura teaches thousands of online students how to stand out from the crowd in a variety of ways, and she is living proof.

“We are the only limitation in our own businesses.  Everything is doable.” CLICK TO TWEET

Laura is a huge advocate of being yourself.  She has a strong personality, and thinks your online content should allow this personality to show through.

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Ryan Lee, The Magic of Niche Marketing & Goal Setting – ES 030

ryan leeWe discuss goal-setting in Round 1, we all have goals but what’s the difference between goals and dreams? Joe and Dan dive into this topic and we go down and deep into it! Dan gives advice on reverse engineering your goal and how that may be the route you should go.

For Round 2, we discuss Niche Marketing and how deep should you go with your niche?  Many struggle with going deep because it’s easier to stay very general in your area and Joe admits he’s in that boat!  We talk about some of our concerns with going deep and finding the perfect market for your product and service because it’s tough!

“Stay in One Market and go REALLY REALLY Deep” -Ryan Lee CLICK TO TWEET

For the Main Event, Ryan Lee muscles his way to the stage to defend his position on niche marketing.  We discuss Kardashians, Beanie Babies, fish tanks and more.  Ryan debunks the “follow your passion to the money” theme you will hear going around online.  He also walks you through in finding the market you want and how to attack your specific niche (with one of the most boring niches around). Hear also one of the biggest mistakes he made early on…did you make it already? Ryan rocks out in the showdown this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

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Corbett Barr, Top Business Mistakes & 3 Essential Site Elements – ES 029

corbett-barrWhether you have a website, blog, or online store, you need certain elements of your site to be there for the consumer. For Round 1, Dan and Joe dive into 3 MUST HAVE points that need to be tied into your website to succeed online.  Are there mistakes you’re making on your site that need to be changed? Tune in now!

In Round 2, we tackle a recent post on Think Traffic. net “10 Mistakes in Starting an Online Business.” There are many topics that don’t seem to add up for us, do you start a business or build a platform? We’re going to need Corbett to sort some of these questions out in the Main Event!

 Success starts when YOU start walking your own path– Corbett Barr CLICK TO TWEET

Corbett Barr joins on the Showdown to untangle some of these mistakes made in the Online Business world.  If you’re looking to build an online business or have one up and cooking, this is an episode you wont’ want to miss!  In this interview you’ll learn Corbett’s reasons to start doing what you love now and hear his personal story about a partnership gone bad.  Also hear his take on why your blog isn’t a business and which comes first, platform or product?

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