5 Networking Tips Learned from New Media Expo


Do you have the X Factor?

Dan and I just finished a whirlwind of a long weekend in Vegas for New Media Expo.  We got to meet many of our past interviewees and a bunch of new friends.  These conferences are organized not just for the sessions where you learn valuable information, but, in our case, more importantly, for meeting others.

It can be nerve-racking to take the online relationship to the offline world and you’ll actually find a couple interest notes:

  1. Some people who are good on podcasts and videos ARE NOT good conversationalists: You’ll be surprised how many introverts that will attend and one’s personality online doesn’t always translate into face-to-face conversations.  We’ll show you how to deal with this.
  2. Some people you’ll realize that they’re actually Jerks: One fellow I had seen in videos and always had great tips online turned out, once I took initiative and introduced myself, that he had a HUGE ego and enjoyed talking about himself.  Jerk. Disappointing, I know.

If you’ll be going to a conference in the coming year, this will be your guide to network as efficiently as possible. Here are our 5 Networking tips.

Leadership – An Entrepreneur Showdown Style Debate

This is the first in a series of unique Showdown style debates blog posts, where Dan and Joe will pick a topic and “back and forth blog”, with the conversation going wherever it goes. It’s a style we’ve never seen done anywhere else, and would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments!

“Leaders Work Smarter, Not Harder”

joe cassandraDan and I recently sat in on a leadership panel discussing the traits, strengths and mistakes of leaders, so we thought it would be fun to dive into the topic on the blog. We’re also basing our discussion on a blog post we read about the 5 Myths of Leadership over at Ekaterina Walter’s Site.

When I think of a leader, I think of someone who is confident, has the ability to persuade people, and make difficult decisions. No where do I mention hard work, as leaders don’t necessarily need to work to lead. Or do they?

When I think back just to college, some of my friends who were able to sway the interests of others didn’t necessarily work very hard at all, but they knew how to persuade others to follow their lead. Ekaterina starts off Myth 1 saying that a myth of leadership is that “Leaders work smarter not harder.” I think that’s a fact.

dan franksI agree with you, Joe, about the fact that leaders don’t have to work hard. I also agree that they need to work smart. However there is one HUGE thing that some could infer based on this statement, that’s grossly incorrect to the point that I feel the need to point this out. Leaders do not have to be smart. What do I mean?

What I mean, is that the best leaders don’t have to have superb skill or detailed knowledge on the topic or area in which they’re leading. In my opinion, a good leader is one who knows how to best surround himself with the right people, and then guide them in the right direction. These skilled leaders could be leaders in any area, regardless of their individual expertise.

Do Something Different – Make a Difference

Rage Against The MachineWe’re in a space that is known for having a lot of imitators.

It’s very rare to see someone do something different and stray from the safe zone.  I use the term “space” very ambiguously on purpose.  That’s because what I am saying, I feel, applies to almost every industry, and every niche.

I rarely catch myself saying, “Those guys are doing the same thing as everybody else,” because this observation has become so normal that it no longer even registers.  However when someone does something different, it makes me drop everything and pay attention.

Treat Your Next Speaking Presentation like a Shark Tank Pitch

speaking presentationWhen you think “Great speaking presentation”, you think of your favorite speaker or talk show host. When you just hear “presentation”, you automatically think of boring slideshows and napping during said presentation. For your next presentation, whether at a conference, meetup, class, or for your job, what kind of strategy do you think would be most effective? How about:

  1. “We need cool pictures, people like pictures.”
  2. A sweet Title sucks people in, we need a cool title.”
  3. “We need a well-crafted script, let’s write a cool script. How about a joke?”

Those are great presentation tips…..Yeah right, these are the worst tips floating out there. It’s missing some key themes that you can find right on Shark Tank, the entrepreneur show.

Content Creation That Lasts – If You Build It, They Will Come


Joe and I have recently had the privilege of being invited on as guests on a few other podcasts, and have had a blast being on the other side of the microphone!  While we make no claims to be experts by any means, we do feel like we, as guests, can provide some valuable insights to a certain audience.  One of the most recent podcasts we were interviewed for really got me thinking about the various paths people take, and why I feel we made the right decision in the path we took.

The Sophomore Slump – 7 Experts Help You Win!

sophomore-slumpThe sophomore slump is a phenomenon that cannot really be explained, but transcends cultures and industries. In the UK it is referred to as the “second year blues,” and Australians call it “second year syndrome.” The term is used to describe students’ second year performance in schools, bands releasing their second album, sequel movies, and yes, athletics.  Right RG3?

One place that we do not often see this term being used, but where I think it belongs, is in the online entrepreneurship space. How many blogs, podcasts, and coaching programs have you seen come out of the gate strong, but then fade into the night like a shooting star, never to be seen or heard from again?