Carrie Wilkerson, Entrepreneurial Mindset, & Getting Things Done – ES 039

carrie-wilkerson In Round 1, we look at a post from our friend Laurel Staples over at Go Fire Yourself about building the RIGHT mindset to success.  We go the longest ever on a Round 1 as it is soooo important in your growth and success on your career path.  Learn how Dan went on a “fast” and made everyday much better!

We learn about time management and efficiency in Carrie Wilkerson’s most recent about pears.  Yes, a Pear-able about pears (witty!)  Joe and Dan dive into personal stories of their own based on Carrie’s points.  You’ll need to go check out the post yourself and get your eureka moment while reading it, all from pears!

CLICK TO TWEET: “Focus on Getting to NOs, not the Yes'” – Carrie Wilkerson

Carrie comes onto the Main Event and comes with energy!  She has some awesome words for women and also some tips on pursuing the most profitable and efficient niche for you.  Carrie also isn’t some single bachelor, she’s a working Mom with kids at the same time and has time to cook dinner.  You’re going to be amazed at the advice Carrie freely dishes out and she’s alot of fun as well.  This is one of Joe’s favorite interviews and we think it’ll be one of yours as well!

BONUS: Listen to Carrie’s awesome story over at the Rise to the Top with our man David Siteman Garland.  She has the best personality ever!

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