Billy Murphy, the Art of Being Interesting, and E-Commerce Excellence – ES 024

billy-murphyWhat is the key to being Interesting? With online content, it’s easy to get a little bit too serious.  In this Round 1, Joe and Dan let you know how you can become more exciting and enticing! Guess what, you can be wrong and be interesting, check it!

Dan and Joe dive into our friend, Billy Murphy’s, new venture over at Forever Jobless.  He started EcomLab to help others learn how to start drop-shipping sites.  We admit, we’re not sure what this e-commerce business is all about, so we don’t waste much time and get right to the Main Event!

Billy Murphy drops into the Main Event to answer what an e-commerce store is, and explains that it’s a lot easier than you think and YOU need to try it!  Billy walks through what you need to do right away with finding the right niche, suppliers, and how quickly you can set up your store.  One of our most tactical interviews to date!

BONUS: Learn more of Billy Murphy’s tips over at eCommerce Pulse on building your own Empire of stores!

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Author: Dan Franks

Dan Franks is a full time CPA, and moonlights as a podcaster, blogger, and professional wrestler. He considers himself an all around good guy!

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