Ben Krueger, Niche Podcasting, and Introvert or Extrovert in Business – ES 026

ben-kruegerAre you an introvert or extrovert? Now that you’ve answered that, should you tailor your business to whether you are an introvert or extrovert? Joe and Dan discuss in an extended round 1 about their thoughts.

Ben Krueger, the founder of Authority Engine, is the focus in Round 2 as it brings up the topic of whether you should Niche down your podcast or stay more general? Joe and Dan won’t agree on this one!

Forget the griping of the scrubs, lets bring on Ben to settle the score.  Ben says he’s actually being a “flip-flopper” on his thoughts? How did his views change? Ben Krueger also lets us know what we’re doing right and what you can do to separate yourself from the pack!

BONUS:  Check out Ben Krueger’s background on his interview with Srini on BlogcastFM. Find out why you SHOULD NOT start a podcast!

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Further Resources

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Check out the Introvert Entrepreneur if you think being an Introvert is holding you back.

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