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Stan Smith, Successful Blog Marketing, and Learning as You Go – ES 043

stan-smith Is your mentality to learn important for your success?  Dan and Joe discuss some on the job training skills with a “learning-as-you-go” attitude.  Joe has a certain way he learns new processes, do you have the same style or the opposite? Find out in Round 1.

Round 2 has us discussing a recent post from Stan Smith about the traits of successful blog marketers.  Dan and Joe actually found a unique trait Stan doesn’t touch on that up-and-coming bloggers are now utilizing.  We may have to bring this up with Stan…..heck…you know we will! Let’s move on to Stan!

 Stanford Smith comes on the Main Event to give his take on how to be a successful blog marketer.  He has some sweet strategies that Joe says is, “Genius.” You’ll need to hear it as well as how he defined his target market.  Check out Stan!

  • Buying the new, shiny course doesn’t mean you’ll be successful, hear Dan’s story from NMX that demonstrates this.
  • Should you be using vulnerability in your writing?
  • The “Genius” way Stan gets new clients through his blog posts
  • Tips on using recent events in the media
  • How Stan overcomes self-doubt when publishing new posts

BONUS:   Hear more blogging tips from Stan the Man Smith himself over at the FlyBlueKite Blog and Show!

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5 Networking Tips Learned from New Media Expo


Do you have the X Factor?

Dan and I just finished a whirlwind of a long weekend in Vegas for New Media Expo.  We got to meet many of our past interviewees and a bunch of new friends.  These conferences are organized not just for the sessions where you learn valuable information, but, in our case, more importantly, for meeting others.

It can be nerve-racking to take the online relationship to the offline world and you’ll actually find a couple interest notes:

  1. Some people who are good on podcasts and videos ARE NOT good conversationalists: You’ll be surprised how many introverts that will attend and one’s personality online doesn’t always translate into face-to-face conversations.  We’ll show you how to deal with this.
  2. Some people you’ll realize that they’re actually Jerks: One fellow I had seen in videos and always had great tips online turned out, once I took initiative and introduced myself, that he had a HUGE ego and enjoyed talking about himself.  Jerk. Disappointing, I know.

If you’ll be going to a conference in the coming year, this will be your guide to network as efficiently as possible. Here are our 5 Networking tips.

Carrie Wilkerson, Entrepreneurial Mindset, & Getting Things Done – ES 039

carrie-wilkerson In Round 1, we look at a post from our friend Laurel Staples over at Go Fire Yourself about building the RIGHT mindset to success.  We go the longest ever on a Round 1 as it is soooo important in your growth and success on your career path.  Learn how Dan went on a “fast” and made everyday much better!

We learn about time management and efficiency in Carrie Wilkerson’s most recent about pears.  Yes, a Pear-able about pears (witty!)  Joe and Dan dive into personal stories of their own based on Carrie’s points.  You’ll need to go check out the post yourself and get your eureka moment while reading it, all from pears!

CLICK TO TWEET: “Focus on Getting to NOs, not the Yes'” – Carrie Wilkerson

Carrie comes onto the Main Event and comes with energy!  She has some awesome words for women and also some tips on pursuing the most profitable and efficient niche for you.  Carrie also isn’t some single bachelor, she’s a working Mom with kids at the same time and has time to cook dinner.  You’re going to be amazed at the advice Carrie freely dishes out and she’s alot of fun as well.  This is one of Joe’s favorite interviews and we think it’ll be one of yours as well!

BONUS: Listen to Carrie’s awesome story over at the Rise to the Top with our man David Siteman Garland.  She has the best personality ever!

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Rob Rawson, 10 Commandments of Side Hustles, & Future Work Trends in 2020 – ES 038

rob-rawsom In Round 1, we discuss the 10 Commandments, that’s right.  Not the Moses 10 Commandments but the 10 Commandments of Side Hustlers.  Dan believes one commandment is more important the one Joe highlights.  Dan goes into more detail on our Twitter strategy that has had MASSIVE results in a short time, check it out!

In Round 2, Joe and Dan dive into a Futuristic article from Rob Rawson looking into the Year…..2020.  Are many jobs going to be taken over by robots? It’s a scary thought, what can we do?  Dan thinks there may be population issue due to this, Joe thinks people need to get more creative with how they make money. Which side are you on?

CLICK TO TWEET: “All Repetitive Work Will Be Replaced – Rob Rawson

For the Main Event, we bring on Rob Rawson comes on to give us the harsh truth.  Rob’s built 2 companies and he’s a walk-the-talk man and will help you do the same.  Rob provides some insights on the TYPE of work that is going to be replaced in the coming years and what you need to do to pivot from A to B. We also dive into outsourcing and how to make your team productive even if you aren’t in the same state or even country! Rob’s the man for that!

BONUS: Hear Rob’s SWEET story on our friend, John Dumas’ show, Entrepreneur on Fire. His Ah-Ha moment is great!

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Rick Calvert, Getting the Most out of Conferences & Gaining Twitter Followers – ES035

rick-calvertRound 1 brings on TWITTER! We look at an article by Marc Guberti on a specific strategy on Twitter to bring on more followers.  Joe and Dan aren’t going to agree on this, Dan sees this tactic as spam and Joe is more free-spirited and shares his results testing it out.  If you enjoy Twitter, you might want to consider this strategy.

We’re stoked to be heading out to New Media Expo in Vegas in January 2014.  Joe’s a bit nervous because he’s never been to a large conference and not sure of what strategies to use to get the most out of the conference!  Dan already has some experience from his days in real estate and offers his thoughts on the process.  To solve this, there’s only one thing to do, GET THE ORGANIZER OF THE EVENT ON AND GET HIS ADVICE.  Check!

“2014 is the Year of the Web Show” – Rick Calvert CLICK TO TWEET THIS PREDICTION

Rick Calvert, the Founder of New Media Expo, jumps into the Main Event to give his advice on attending conferences the Right Way! Rick talks about :

  1. The Misconceptions of Conferences
  2. How to Meet your Favorite Bloggers/Podcasters
  3. What to Do Right Before a Conference
  4. What 80% of people do wrong at a conference, be the 20%

He also has some predictions for 2014 you might be surprised about….

BONUS: Hear Rick Calvert tell all about starting up New Media Expo and more over at Become a Blogger’s Podcast, it’s a can’t-miss-it episode!

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John Corcoran, Networking at Events, & Do the PR Yourself – ES 034

john-corcoranPR can be mega expensive for your new venture, but you don’t have to feel at a disadvantage.  For Round 1, Dan and Joe discuss how you can do YOUR OWN PR for your business.  Learn some of the strategies we’ve used to get press, and some of the tools you can use without having to even open your wallet.  Hustle for that exposure!

We dive into Networking, that yummy N word that sends even the most outgoing to a feeling of a little nervousness.  “Go network at events” is an old adage, but what does that mean and what can you do to be better at them?  We look at some of our experiences at events and ask ourselves questions such as, “What if I’m an introvert?” You’re not going to want to miss these tips! John Corcoran provided the inspiration for this discussion and we’re about bring John on….

Use the Forum the Person you want to Connect with USES – John Corcoran CLICK TO TWEET

Yes, you made it, to the Main Event with our friend, John Corcoran!  We dive into TONS of topics on networking with John including: the importance of following up and the benefits, where to find those you want to network with, how to END conversations (Joe has a great personal story on this), and a great tip on relationships with networking, Should your spouse be networking side by side with you so they don’t feel left out? You won’t want to miss John’s take.

Head over to John’s site, Smart Business Revolution, and pick up the E-book we discussed in the episode on Networking and Creating a Plan for it, tell him we sent ya!

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Natalie Sisson, Selling During Holidays, & Nail Your Presentation – ES 033

natalie-sissonJoe and Dan dive into a Round 1 about Group Presentations. Having come off their own speaking gig at Podcamp Dallas.  Joe discusses mistakes he made and how you can avoid it.  There’s also some tips Dan dives into in how to Wake UP your crowd! Discover how you SHOULD NOT start your presentation, it could KILL your presentation, and not the good kill!

Round 2 brings up the Holidays! You’re about to get bombarded by cheer and more and more ads to buy STUFF.  This topic was inspired by Natalie Sisson’s recent post on Making Sales during the Holiday Season. We discuss the freemium model and also how to stand out when you have information products.  Natalie will provide more insight in….

THE MAIN EVENT with Natalie Sisson.  She’s a true lifestyle entrepreneur traveling around with her suitcase internationally.  Natalie has some excellent tips on increasing exposure during the hustle and bustle.  Learn her tactics for increasing sales during the holiday season, her strategies for releasing a book, and how to use SEO to your advantage.  Also, Natalie has just a bad-ass accent, she could make the Phonebook sound good.

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ES Presents: Sam Ovens of Snap Inspect

sam ovens

Sam Ovens continues the month dedicated solely to Software Entrepreneurs (SAAS).  Sam shot to the top of the online world as one of the first success stories out of the Foundation, with founders Dane Maxwell and Andy Drish.

He rose in notoriety with his interview with our friend Andrew Warner at Mixergy and gained worldwide exposure and helped contribute to the Foundation brand.

Sam’s main project is SnapInspect.  We had already heard his story at Mixergy and wanted to dive in deeper how to grow beyond the Foundation and beyond the initial building of the product.  Listen to Sam go in great detail on:

  • Why he struggled when he came out of the Foundation even with paying customers.
  • How He lost his Girlfriend because of his Entrepreneurial adventures.
  • Why he thinks Lifestyle Entrepreneurs might be Lying….
  • One of his best sources for Leads (you might want to listen for his top one……)

Hear also Sam talk about a great story about Steve Jobs and how he tested the market to find the right idea.  It’s all about testing, even Joe gets sucked into a “potentially” good idea that Sam quickly proves wrong!

Sam’s also building a successful consulting Business over at his personal site.  This is a unique Showdown interview as we hear alot more stories than normal but it’s intriguing.  Hear Sam’s voice as he remembers how much he struggled and had to sell everything to pay the bills.

If you’re a wannabe Software Entrepreneur, this is the interview for you.

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ES Presents: Dan Franks, Professional Wrestler

dan-franksIn the final episode in Entertainment Entrepreneur Month, Joe turns the tables and interviews his other half: Dan Franks.  Joe asks Dan about his past as a professional wrestler, and the business side of a form of entertainment that many are not familiar with.

Dan also has an interesting story about how he got into wrestling and online business at the same time.  At the age of 14, Dan already had a profitable online business building and maintaining websites in the professional wrestling niche.

Find out what spending his young years as an online entrepreneur, and his older years as a professional wrestler, taught Dan.  Dan also shares how those lessons still effect his businesses today.

Tune in next week as Entrepreneur Showdown: Presents will bring you SAAS Month.  Four successful SAAS entrepreneurs will tell their stories of success and failure in a new episode every Thursday in November!

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Corbett Barr, Top Business Mistakes & 3 Essential Site Elements – ES 029

corbett-barrWhether you have a website, blog, or online store, you need certain elements of your site to be there for the consumer. For Round 1, Dan and Joe dive into 3 MUST HAVE points that need to be tied into your website to succeed online.  Are there mistakes you’re making on your site that need to be changed? Tune in now!

In Round 2, we tackle a recent post on Think Traffic. net “10 Mistakes in Starting an Online Business.” There are many topics that don’t seem to add up for us, do you start a business or build a platform? We’re going to need Corbett to sort some of these questions out in the Main Event!

 Success starts when YOU start walking your own path– Corbett Barr CLICK TO TWEET

Corbett Barr joins on the Showdown to untangle some of these mistakes made in the Online Business world.  If you’re looking to build an online business or have one up and cooking, this is an episode you wont’ want to miss!  In this interview you’ll learn Corbett’s reasons to start doing what you love now and hear his personal story about a partnership gone bad.  Also hear his take on why your blog isn’t a business and which comes first, platform or product?

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