Entrepreneur Showdown

The Entrepreneur Showdown Podcast is a place where Joe Cassandra and Dan Franks go head to head each week debating the hottest topics in entrepreneurship.

Good Times Ahead!

With the growth of the original Entrepreneur Showdown Podcast comes exciting times for us here at Entrepreneur Showdown.  As you probably already noticed, we have begun a weekly blog post where we plan on exploring all kinds of ways to bring the Showdown style to the written word.  Last week’s piece was an example of an “Ask the Expert” style post, where we get opposing viewpoints from today’s thought leaders on a variety of topics that we hope you find interesting.

Coming tomorrow is the debut of our newest podcast concept, which we call Entrepreneur Showdown: Presents.  Every month we will select a “theme of the month”, and then every Thursday during that month we will present a guest of the week who is an entrepreneur that fits in that theme.  October 2013 is Entertainment Entrepreneur Month, where every interview will feature a very successful entrepreneur in the entertainment business.  We are super excited to be able to leverage this format to bring you awesome interviews of awesome people who might not fit the model of any other podcasts, but who have great stories to share!

So stick around for some good time fun-fun with the Entrepreneur Showdown!

The Entrepreneur Showdown Podcast

The Entrepreneur Showdown Podcast is a place where two online entrepreneurs, Joe Cassandra and Dan Franks, go head to head each and every week debating the hottest topics in entrepreneurship and online businesses.

Each week, Joe and Dan select their favorite blogs and podcasts from the week that was to break down, discuss, and debate in a way that only they know how.  Then, in the main event, they welcome a big name special guest whose content was featured in that week’s episode for a special no-holds-barred interview unlike any they’ve ever done.