Artisanal Entrepreneurialism – Lessons from a Master of His Craft

The public doesn’t know what they want.

Many people look at where they want to be, and decide what they need to do to get there.  Disrupters look at where they are going to go as a result of what they are doing, and plan accordingly.

Ignorance is a strong attribute.

Artisanal Entrepreneurialism

The statements above are a few of the principles preached by Greg Koch, CEO of Stone Brewing Co. out of Escondido, CA, who is the featured speaker in the video above.  One of my favorite breweries (I love beer too much to pick just one), and also one of my new favorite entrepreneurial inspirations.

Artisanal Entrepreneurialism

The concept of artisanal entrepreneurialism was foreign to me before hearing Greg talk in this video, but I like what I hear.

While I intended on combining this video with a more detailed blog post, I feel like there is no more value I can add to the video above.

I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

Author: Dan Franks

Dan Franks is a full time CPA, and moonlights as a podcaster, blogger, and professional wrestler. He considers himself an all around good guy!

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