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Entrepreneurs are either born into the perfect circumstances, or made through life experiences and taught in school.  Is this a theory you believe in, and which side are you on? 

In one of the latest episodes at Mixergy, Andrew Warner interviews Alexis Neely where they discuss many things, including her tactically filing for bankruptcy to start a new life for her and her family.  She also runs a coaching program where she teaches her students to do the same.  Is there an issue of morality in this type of tactic, and should an entrepreneur leverage bankruptcy to their advantage?

And in the Main Event, we debate, but mostly listen and learn from one of the best interviewers out there, Andrew Warner of Mixergy.  Learn the best secret to getting more sales! Listen to him turn the tables on us in our very first interview on the Entrepreneur Showdown!

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Are Entrepreneurs Born or Can they Be Taught?
Alexis Neely – Mixergy

Further Resources

Alexis Neely – Main Site
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  • Joey Kissimmee

    Andrew made me cry when I interviewed him 😉

    Awesome first episode and as always, Andrew somehow seems to bring the best out of people.

    • Dan Franks

      I think he had Joe crying, but Joe was not on webcam so I have no proof!

      Andrew is awesome! Glad we got out of there not too bruised up.

      • Joe Cassandra

        No one makes me cry my own tears…NOBODY!

  • Andrea

    Thanks for linking to the Mixergy interview!

    • Joe Cassandra

      Hey we loved having Andrew!

  • Derek Capo

    Liked the podcast and enjoyed the points of view of all of you three. I would like to chime in with some suggestions about the way this podcast was edited/completed/done. I know this was the first one you guys did but I felt like the beginning was edited a bunch of times and I assume it wasn’t a live conversation. It got better and more engaging when you had Andrew on because I could tell it wasn’t edited, etc. I don’t know what your process is to make the whole thing sound good but right now the beginning isn’t smooth and it may turn off people. I kept listening because I was waiting to hear Andrew speak the fact I had to wait like 20 minutes kinda frustrated me. Again, I know this is the first one but at least I will tell you what I like and don’t like and hopefully you can listen and decide to improve or not. :) Anyway – keep working hard!

    • Dan Franks

      Hey Derek thanks for the honest feedback! We plan on nothing but improvement in all aspects of our podcast, which includes audio quality.

      Thanks for listening, and we hope you stick around!

    • Joe Cassandra

      Hey Derek,

      We have a different format than other interview shows where we don’t bring on the guest right away but discuss other things first that may interest you the listener before we dive into further topics with the guest. We’ll always be trying to improve sound quality and that will come with time and poor audio at times comes with the territory as well. For a behind-the-scenes look, yes, we don’t record all 3 pieces in a row on 1 go or take, also sometimes not even in the same room as each other as our schedules don’t always allow it.

      We can promise we can work on our audio and edits, but we’ve heard great feedback from the way our show is formatted. It’s different and sets us apart. So we’re going to keep going in that direction even if it may frustrate listeners that have to wait 20 minutes for the guest. Maybe down the line we alter our format a bit, don’t know, we’re still young and enjoying the ride!

      Thanks for the honest feedback, Derek,


  • Steve Young

    Guys, holy cow!

    Thanks for being so honest when Andrew turned the tables. He’s f’en brilliant.

    Great show.

    • Joe Cassandra

      Thanks Steve, we appreciate you listening. We kind of expected him to do that, but at the same were nervous it would happen :D, but we went with it and hope it helped some people, cheers!

  • Michelle Wright

    Dan, you’re totally right. It is unethical and immoral to take advantage of rules that were meant to help people in dire straits when you really are able to handle things and fight through it. When you sign up for a debt, you are promising to pay someone. Noone likes being stiffed. Every company that you don’t pay still has to pay their employees and/or share holders, so it does affect others. I filed personal bankruptcy about 7 years ago because I didn’t have enough income to pay my necessary bills, much less any debt. I still hate I had to do it and plan to go back and pay the hospital bills one day when I am able. They provided services to me expecting to be paid, just like I do with my customers everyday. Thanks Dan for speaking out for the intangible and often undervalued principles that made our country great…because they are based in the truth of God.

    Joe: Yes, she used her intelligence, yes, she in some ways “stuck it to the goverment/ the man” by what she did…but she also misrepresented her situation. She had to intentionally reduce her income. She also stuck it to the people who trusted her to pay them for the services they gave…whether it was goods provided, services rendered or money they loaned her. It’s smart to use what you need when you NEED it. It’s dishonest to use a loophole to get ahead easier and go back on your promises (agreements/contracts) in the process. I really like your show and will continue to listen. I hope I’m not coming off as judgmental. I’m not downing you as a person, but I seriously hope you reconsider your thoughts on this issue. Keep up the good work with the show.

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