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Entrepreneurs are either born into the perfect circumstances, or made through life experiences and taught in school.  Is this a theory you believe in, and which side are you on? 

In one of the latest episodes at Mixergy, Andrew Warner interviews Alexis Neely where they discuss many things, including her tactically filing for bankruptcy to start a new life for her and her family.  She also runs a coaching program where she teaches her students to do the same.  Is there an issue of morality in this type of tactic, and should an entrepreneur leverage bankruptcy to their advantage?

And in the Main Event, we debate, but mostly listen and learn from one of the best interviewers out there, Andrew Warner of Mixergy.  Learn the best secret to getting more sales! Listen to him turn the tables on us in our very first interview on the Entrepreneur Showdown!

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Are Entrepreneurs Born or Can they Be Taught?
Alexis Neely – Mixergy

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