ES Presents: Amanda Pekoe of The Pekoe Group

amanda-pekoeWe are super pumped to be debuting the new Entrepreneur Showdown: Presents series, and even more pumped that it’s October because October is Entertainment Entrepreneur Month!

Today we are super excited to be sharing with you our visit with Amanda Pekoe of the Pekoe Group.

Amanda is a former Broadway and Off-Broadway performer and producer who discovered her true calling, which was the business side of show business.  She made the leap into marketing and advertising the same shows she once was a part of, and has never looked back!

The Pekoe Group has absolutely NAILED their online presence, as we discuss in the interview.  We have never seen anyone dominate the Google ranks like Amanda and her group do!  We find out how she’s accomplished this, but more importantly what she does for her clients that sets her apart from other people in her space.

This is a fascinating interview, and if you tune in to any other mainstream “entrepreneur style podcasts”, take it from me you will be hearing a lot more from Amanda Pekoe in the not so distant future 😉 .

BONUS: Check out The Pekoe Group’s new “Pekoe Group: The Musical”.

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The Pekoe Group
Amanda on Fox News
Amanda Picks the Oscars
The Pekoe Group’s Office Spoof (Hilarious)
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Matthew Lesko Interview
Referral of a Liftetime

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Author: Dan Franks

Dan Franks is a full time CPA, and moonlights as a podcaster, blogger, and professional wrestler. He considers himself an all around good guy!

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