About Joe Cassandra and Dan Franks

The Entrepreneur Showdown Podcast is a place where two online entrepreneurs, Joe Cassandra and Dan Franks, go head to head each and every week debating the hottest topics in entrepreneurship and online businesses.

Each week, Joe and Dan select their favorite blogs and podcasts from the week that was to break down, discuss, and debate in a way that only they know how.  Then, in the main event, they welcome a big name special guest whose content was featured in that week’s episode for a special no-holds-barred interview unlike any they’ve ever done.

Joe Cassandra

Joe CassandraHey, I’m Joe whatdaya know? Mega-stoked to find someone to tangle with in the ring!

I live in Dallas, TX with my lovely wife, Samantha, and pup Cooper. Graduating from a small, private school named Belmont Abbey College, I got a degree in Accounting, I love numbers!

You need numbers to make numbers, right!

I got into the online world the typical way, Sam and I lived in Charlotte and both had jobs we didn’t enjoy. So, I was looking for an outlet, a place of like-minded individuals who didn’t want to accept the “status quo” of life.

I started reading book after book: “Think and Grow Rich,” “Start-up of You“, “Millionaire Fastlane” and tons more. My mind was racing for the possibilities that you can’t be complacent you need to always be reaching for the next goal, never SETTLE! We picked up and headed off across the US to Dallas!

I have a personal blog at 7Minute Entrepreneur where I share my thoughts and ideas.

I tried to start a podcast over there but realized it wasn’t going to be fun or interesting by myself, so once Dan and I started talking about online ventures, we dove head first into starting up a site and haven’t looked back! We’re stoked to get this rolling!

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me with questions, suggestions, or comments!

Dan Franks

Dan FranksMy name is Dan Franks and I just want to give a VERY brief history of my entrepreneurial business endeavors up until this point. I would be what you call a serial entrepreneur, which I think most of us would call ourselves.

I got started when I was 14 years old building websites about one of my lifelong passions: professional wrestling. This was in the mid-to-late 1990′s, so it is safe to say the internet was quite a bit different than it is now. Even at such a young age, I sought out ways my “business” could be different. I noticed a void in the professional wrestling niche as it related to local Texas wrestling in general (i.e. the minor leagues), so went on to create an authoritative site on the subject that was getting well over 1,000 hits a day at its peak. Which as a site in the 90′s appealing to ‘rasslin fans, that is pretty strong!

I leveraged that site into a small business making and maintaining websites for the local wrestlers themselves. I don’t remember how much I was charging, but I was able to make more money than most 15 year olds, and I was doing it all online. There was no PayPal back then, at least it was not mainstream, but checking the mail every day after school was a lot more exciting!

Fast forward a decade or so, and all of that has long come to an end. Along the way, countless other ventures were started and stopped, while some continue, and I am sure you’ll learn about some, if not all, of it as the podcast progresses. That is a quick overview of my start in entrepreneurial businesses.

I currently work full time as a Certified Public Accountant, specializing in tax compliance and consulting for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

I am married to my beautiful wife Jeannette with two dogs. Lexie and Jasmine.

Get in touch with me anytime about anything, and I’ll do my best to get back with you ASAP!